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Kombat Kast Recap 3/6/19


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WOOOO! Anyone else newsed out today? No? Just me? Well good, because we've got the Kombat Kast today! And for those of you who still aren't around to know what the heck is going on today, this is the weekly TYM Kombat Kast recap.

Today was the Kano/Cassie semi-reveal stream. After the usual talk, introductions, and an official reveal trailer for both, the crew got into it with Tyler's boy Kano:

So as to be expected with the rest of the cast so far, Kano is using his knife a whole lot in his basic combos and specials. On top of that, he's got some fast throws and seems to have a solid mix game. He also has this neat overhead, forward flippy kick thing that gets you a knockdown from decent range.

His base gear-kit is as expected: the Kano ball, air Kano ball, and thrown knives. It was at this point they got into his special moves and I received an important work call. When I got back, Tyler showed off some swaggy combo using this skillset, some moves including multiple command grabs and this short range spit projectile. As an interesting aside, 16 Bit addressed concerns over the universal wake-up roll, and he demonstrated that throws can beat them out if you make the read, including command grabs. So in this case, Kano has a lot of options to beat out a wake-up roll, one of which is a krushing blow in this situation.

Some other new moves he has in MK11 include a thrown molotov cocktail that does DoT to your opponent if they are stuck in the flames where it landed. He has the chest bump buff from MKX (that was a thing right?) and also has a floor trap he can throw down that stops your opponent from jumping. As a neat side effect, it also makes his thrown knife a low instead of a high if you throw it towards the trap.

Last variation they showed off included the return of his laser eye beams, a parry and a neat "chemical throw move" that does a small amount of DoT on hit, and backs Kano up, allowing him to get out of bad situations. And as a plus, if you meter burn it, he lights the chemicals on fire with a thrown cigarette and blows the opponent up.

After Kano was done, they took a break from the showcase to replay the story trailer for those who missed it, and brought out Grey Meta, Senior Cinematic Artist and person in charge for the fatality designs for Mortal Kombat 11. Showed off some storyboards and got into the details as to how they decide the new fatalities and what kind of work goes into the detail we see in them.

Back to the character showcase, we got the return of Cassie Cage. Described as "a jack of all trades", her base toolkit features that drone in a lot of her moves. She retains some of the moves she inherited from Johnny, but with a twist: her shadow kick is now part of a string, rather than a special. Speaking of specials, she has her pistol shot, as a given, but this time, you can charge it up with green energy for more damage. She can throw a shadow kick up in the air, and can, once again, kick the opponent right in the genitals.

First batch of gear moves featured a lot of gunplay: she can do a low shot that hits you in the shins, she can flip over people firing guns and can also get an air gunshot, which can be meter burned to drop her back to the ground.

Next loadout featured a lot of drone based movement, giving her things like a flying kick and a move where she can ride the drone in the air to get out of bad situations.

Last loadout was more about drone tools. Of note, she can drop a "bitchin' bubble" that does DoT if the opponent is in it, which can be dropped anywhere on the field. She can also use her cell phone to manually control the drone, which allows you to do some basic moves controlling it remotely. You can combine that with the bubble to keep the opponent pinned down if you are good with your reads.

Closing us out was the Belt Battle. Last week, Derek took the belt back and brought the score 2-1 Derek. Derek went with Jade once again, while Tyler put in the early investment to his future MK11 main, Kano. New to the character, Tyler put up a good fight, but went down game 1. In a close game 2, Tyler was able to get a point on the board, tying things up 1-1. In the final round of the final game, the two both went for Fatal Blows at the same time, with Tyler's winning the trade and winning him the belt in the process.

So that's the Kast for this week. We'll hit you with details on the next one when we know it.


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Dammit I missed it, is there a link to the archive? Like did they do it on the Netherrealm Twitch channel?
Unfortunately I missed most of Cassie’s part but loved Kano’s. Both looked like solid characters and I love the arsenal that both of them have, especially Kano. I love his brutal play style, really plays well to how Kano fights. Plus the inclusion of tools to give characters the ability to go through projectiles (Jade and Kano) to counter zoning shows me that a really balanced meta may be on the way. Overall, I really love how the game is looking and can’t wait to play the beta


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I thought it was the best Kombat Kast so far. No technical issues, double character showcases, behind-the-scenes stuff, pretty sure they had a sheet showing them what moves are on the loadouts, etc. I think they also went in on the Krushing Blows a little more this time.

Tyler made some mistakes like "Thank you everyone for watching Shannon" lol. But not a big deal.

No Washed-Up Warriors, but I suppose they can't always get another Washed-Up Warrior on the stream to face 16 Bit.

Cassie Cyrus

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Liked most things in there! But Cassies crushing blow could use some more work, its basically the same as Sonya's, but with less special stuff going on... They should have used the Drone in it.
Today was a great stream. Lots to think about with the story trailer, cool behind the scenes look at making the game. I want to see more like this.


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Good KK stream this time, it actually wasn't reprehensible as normal. The part I loved of kano was seeing Kanos 37% 2 bar combo midscreen.
I absolutely love Cassie in MK11. They didn't do her moves and kit justice but I see some potential and I will lab her up until I crack the game into letting me do 14-17 hit Combos without Fatal Blow.

You would think Tyler and Derek would learn footsies with 16bit there. I mean it's the main focus of MK11?

Things to be excited about:
Cassie's air gunshot dive is absolutely perfect and that low gunshot that launches them over her seems it could allow juggle with strict timing. I can't wait to experiment with her nutkick in combos. I hope she has combo potential.


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Cassie is still a very boring character, and the new VA is worse imo, but I literally laughed out loud at her fatality.


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Another great Kombat Kast. Cassie looks dope. Kano looked cool too but he’s not my type of character.

Also, every time I see Jade in action I like her more and more. She’s coming closer and closer to being my pre-release main, lol.

The fatality breakdown segment was really cool. However I think some background music during these is necessary. It’s a very small detail and not a big deal, but I believe it would help with the flow of it and also fill the dead air in between showing things. Like I said, it was awesome to see the inner workings, I just feel the presentation could use a few very small tweaks to make it perfect.

Also, great work as always @16 Bit. I know I keep saying this but your in depth analysis is primarily why I watch these. Keep it up!


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Cassie is still a very boring character, and the new VA is worse imo, but I literally laughed out loud at her fatality.
Ha, so did I. It was perfectly bizarre, nonsensical, and unexpected. I loved it so much that I actually want to play her just for that.