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Kollector Reveal Trailer

Shao Kahn's Hitman/Assassin! Cool addition that I'm happy to welcome in the MK Universe.

Boon said he is a combo monster:

Check out @noobde’s Tweet:
He is more Smeagle than he is Scarecrow in my opinion. I will be trying him out.
NRS has been mentioning combos much more since the outcry from the community about the lack of them. I think they underestimated how much people like them.
My only complaint about Kollector...

...is that he's not as BIG as I'd thought he'd be.

Like mass and height wise. He's kinda small and scrawny. :(

But i love everything else about him. Great character, voice, and aesthetics. Def my top 3 characters to play for the first couple weeks of the game.
I love that he is even scrawnier than your avatar. I really dislike it when sci-fi and fantasy races look essentially the same if they aren't explicitly "humans with a different skin color or bumps on their faces".

Cassie Cyrus

Have you ever seen the Rain?
I hope all new characters in the future will be batman villian rip-offs.

Really Kira could be the perfect poison-clawed cat-woman looks-alike (without the cat stuff)
Kobra could be like Szasz, cutting himself/tattoo himself when he kills somebody.

Poison Ivy could use a character in Delia, the former Goddess of Edenia. That name Delia sounds like a flower, so I think plant powers suit that character like a glove.

I like a fear-based power as well, Scarecrow.

I want ALL new characters to resemble the original and cool villians of batman, if it's not because I love them myself, it is because it pisses a lot of Special Forces fans off.