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Kharacter Tower Requirements Hotfix

NRS just hotfixed the kharacter towers.

For example instead of 75 Fatalities and Brutalities on Stage 2 its now 10 each.

Or instead of 100 Krushing Blows for Stage 3 its now only 25.


35/100 Krushing blow with Noob Saibot........storms off Someone tell me how I cheat this? literally 5 seconds later i should tell everyone. No screw that it might revert.
Sure they do. That shows they actually listen to our complaints, and fix them. Quite quickly, in fact. How can you possibly bitch about that?
The only one 'bitching' here is you.

I didn't complain about the fix I said they don't deserve any thanks for it. And I stand by it. The requirements shouldn't have been so fucking ridiculous to begin with.
The only one 'bitching' here is you.

I didn't complain about the fix I said they don't deserve any thanks for it. And I stand by it. The requirements shouldn't have been so fucking ridiculous to begin with.
What am I bitching about? I’m just questioning your snarky comment.

Maybe they didn’t think the requirements were as ridiculous when they were considering them to be long-term passive goals, not farmed out all in a row. I have no idea. But to me (and everyone else), they were ridiculous, and I consistently stated as much.

I’m glad NRS listened, and I’m glad they fixed their mistakes.

Don’t dwell on what was. Be happy with what is (since it’s what we wanted).
So I’m doing my daily AI battles for the rewards, and just got the severed head of Sonya Blade. Not sure if that’s new or not, but it’s worth noting that apparently AI battles count toward the totals.
Gotta thank NRS for the fast changes and taking the feedback to heart in the last couple of days.

If they now also fix the glitch in the Krypt with the 3 amulet puzzle what makes it so that the gate is down again, cetrions amulet isnt rotated right anymore and you cant interact with the puzzle anymore i more than happy with the game.

Sucks that im locked out of that part of the Krypt until they fix this.
Welp, I'm gonna go ahead and thank NRS. They certainly do deserve a thanks. They could've gone ahead and left the requirements as they were. As well as the rest of the grind. But, they didn't. They listened.

I honestly think everything I had an issue with has been fixed now lol. They've upped the amount of currency you get for towers, they've lowered the tower requirements, lowered the fatality requirements for the heads it seems (I've gotten like 5-6 heads since I woke up, even though I used the exploit. I appreciate that they changed it nevertheless) they lowered the difficulty for the ToT.

I really can't think about anything else to complain about....
They don't deserve any 'thanks' for fixing their bullshit.

And when are they going to start giving reasonable amounts of Souls and Hearts?

And when are they going to give a REAL hint at the secret character that's in the game.

Heard it was Reiko with Shao Kahn's mask with slit eyes!!
This is wonderful I was getting discouraged at the stage 3 requirements, I just finished it in less time it took me to finish Stage 2. I understand the need to add grindy things in games, but some requirements were way too long and some weren’t even working properly.
I don't even know why these requirements were a thing. I want to say it's because they wanted to entice you into buying into the microtransactions, but even those are set-up weird where you can't even buy the Skin you want. You have to wait for it to show up in the store, if it will ever show up in the first place.

It's like they wanted the game to be grindy just so it could be grindy. Glad they changed it, though.
I am at 80 kb with Jade in her tier 4 tower. After doing 125 fatal blows, 50 flawless victories and 80 krushing blows, I don’t know if I am happy or sad.
Couple of people in this thread dont deserve to play Mortal Kombat 11. There's pessimism, and then there's hating the company that put out the game you're currently playing regardless of what they do to atone just for the sake of hating them.

Go for a walk. Do some push ups. Jesus.

They didn't just slightly lessen the grind. They outright gutted it. 10 fatals and 10 brutalities? You can get that in one set of towers, and increased koins on top? You can take "They dont deserve thanks" and go take a nap with it in your mouth. I will have Cassie and Jacqui's towers done THIS WEEKEND. That would be hilarious to claim last weekend. An impossibility.