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Discussion in 'Raiden' started by Charybdis, Feb 2, 2019.

By Charybdis on Feb 2, 2019 at 8:45 AM
  1. Charybdis

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    Everyone's favourite condiment boiiis are back with another best-in-class video. No body else does NRS breakdowns quite like K&M and they've started MK11 a million miles in front of literally every other content creator in terms of quality, clarity and dedication. Kudos to them and long may it continue!

    This time, the God of Thunder and Lightning and Protector of the Realm of Earth, Raiden, gets dissected and broken down!

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Discussion in 'Raiden' started by Charybdis, Feb 2, 2019.

    1. STB Sgt Reed
      STB Sgt Reed
      Can NOT wait to play him!!! He looks so... GODLIKE now!
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      This is the best Raiden's looked since Deception. I am ultimate hype.
    3. ChatterBox
      He looks amazing, game looks great, I'm hyped

      Good job K&M you guys continue to be amazing
    4. Envythis
      Wow seems many different moves. I would like to know the base variations though and what they include. Some of these moves might not even be in tournament play because of customization.
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    5. JDM
      He looks so awesome, What's wild to me is how different all 3 of his variations are from MKX. I wonder if most characters are going to be like that if they are returning from MKX? Sub's and Scorps are pretty different too.

      If the beta has this roster I'm definitely playing Raiden. He not only looks awesome but looks like he's going to be very strong competitively too.
    6. J_in_CA
      I'm so glad his projectile is a lightning bolt again and not a cosmic snowball like it had been for so many years. They've really done an amazing job with him this time, he looks great! He has so many cool new moves too. He and Sub-Zero are my favorites and they've given them both a lot of great new moves. If I had one complaint it'd be that the sound effect for his electric attacks still sounds weak and more like a laser than electricity or lightning, hopefully they change that too.
    7. Metin
      woww, those cancels costs two bars of defense.. seems ridiculous
    8. ShepherdOfFire
      This Raiden looks awesome !
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    9. Cybernator
      Might be the best version of Raiden ever put to polygons. All I could ask for is an uppercut that makes you pop like a flesh-filled balloon.
    10. trufenix
      and there's like 20 more to go!

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