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Ketchup & Mustard: Choose Your Destiny - Raiden


We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!
Everyone's favourite condiment boiiis are back with another best-in-class video. No body else does NRS breakdowns quite like K&M and they've started MK11 a million miles in front of literally every other content creator in terms of quality, clarity and dedication. Kudos to them and long may it continue!

This time, the God of Thunder and Lightning and Protector of the Realm of Earth, Raiden, gets dissected and broken down!

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Raiden looks so hype, I’ll be blasting fools all day just for that lightning call brutality alone. B1 looks like the world’s best mid, his punishing game looks legit, his zoning with certain abilities looks fantastic, his mixup game could be great with that circling lightning move...

I’ve fallen in love with Raiden all over again
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Yeah he looks really strong as well. Looks like he'll be really execution heavy to get big boi damage.

Would place him as number 1 in the demo. Top tier for sure.:DOGE


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My God he looks fucking INCREDIBLE!!!!!

The klassic costume and staff I'm in love.

The animations of his moves are fucking amazing. He has a S1 that actually looks like a punch instead of a typical NRS bitch slap, and that start up animation of the superman is orgasmic

He has a ground pound and that charge thing is a better version of unbreakable's ice aura??? I'm fucking sold.

All in all:


Imagine if they allow custome variations for ranked and tournaments ???
I want the teleport, the fly and the red burst combo starter Kappa


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Others have said it but he really does look godlike finally.

And there’s two reasons for that:

1. The sheer presence he commands, all of his attacks are huge and his amplified moves look insane visually(I almost nut when I saw amped discharge and amped storm cloud). Even his size, he’s physically larger than ever.

2. The power behind it all. Before he just felt like a martial artist with electric powers despite his actual power, now his attacks look and feel mighty. I remember him feeling so limp and reserved before.

I think this is all due to dark Raiden, it feels like a Raiden is actually completely cutting loose and coming down on his opponents with the compete wrath of a god.

Raiden was my first MK character back in the OG trilogy, but I could never get into playing him in any of the new NRS games, this might be the one where I dig into actually using him.


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Mk11 Raiden has exceeded all my hopes and wet dreams. I wouldn't have done better job myself if i was put in charge of creating his movesets and specials. All of the specials they gave him pretty much cover everything i hate (stop jumping, stop zoning, stop running away) I actually don't care who else is gonna be in mk11 at this point, am all set. I'll one trick Raiden from day 1 feeling content that i have enough tools to deal with any matchup.


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By the way, anyone else notice how his B1 looks a lot like Shinnok's F2 from MKX? Probably just a coincidence but it's an interesting detail to think about, like not only has Raiden turned dark due to Shinnok's corruption but is also fighting more like him as well.
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