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Jacqui Briggs Pre-Release Discussion Thread

Jacqui Supergirl cosplay skin please.

Edit: Cassie as Powergirl

That would be really cool actually.

Supergirl situation is the same as She-Hulk situation: instead of coming up with a new idea, the writers just give the female character a second-hand idea that was first used by a male character.
Nope, it was mostly because of copyrights, especially in the case of She-Hulk.

Regardless, Jacqui isn't a "She-Hulk situation".
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Her forum still isn’t up. Is there a list of her moves anywhere? Trying to figure out what are her base moves and what are her equippable moves.


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She looks incredible, as I thought she did even in MKX. I don't know if I'll play her, but I'll try her out for sure. She's going to be one of the HYPEST characters to watch at top level though, thats for damn sure. Also,
Jacqui Supergirl cosplay skin please.

Edit: Cassie as Powergirl

P L E A S E make this a reality, I would use no other skin for Cassie.


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I'm hoping I can find a solid, fundamental pressure playstyle as Jacqui. I've never been great at incorporating cancels into my game, so that would be nice to learn.


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Am I the only one who likes her second outfit the most? I hope the costumes aren't locked to the variation that's used.

I absolutely love the hairstyles in the first 2, more styles that actual black women wear are definitely welcome. I love her new voice too.. in the story mode clip we saw of her it seems like they used the voice clips from MKX.

I have... nothing bad to say about this character, it kinda makes me regret dropping her in MKX. I'm not making that mistake again. Not to be a fanfic person, but I'm desperate to see how Takeda looks if he's in the game now. I been thinking about them both since they were name dropped in Injustice 2.

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Seeing how her third costume kinda resembles Kronika, I think it would be awesome for Jacqui during the story-mode to switch sides.

But unlike a character that really becomes evil, Jacqui joins Kronika to learn her weaknesses, plans and to sabotage them, but the fun twist is, she does so without the knowledge of her team-mates, so even they think she really switched sides.

Jacqui even fights her team-mates but never really harms them, telling to Kronika that she still has some feelings for her old friends, but disagrees with their ways.

In the end she will be one of the characters that helps with taking Kronika down by backstabbing her, or destroying a very important relic for Kronika which could help her, so the Raiden or another character can beat Kronika more easily. She could also help in taking down Frost or Geras.


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Jacqui totally has a move that uses her force shield iMO..
during the Kotal trailer, she reaches and grabs it...

then starts to throw it to the ground but gets hit by Kotal before the moves comes out .

rewatch the trailer and see if you guys agree


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Am I the only one who likes her second outfit the most? I hope the costumes aren't locked to the variation that's used.
Unless I'm remembering the stress test incorrectly, costumes weren't tied to variations whatsoever. You could go in, edit the variation and change it to whatever skin you wanted.


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As of this day I will be jacquimaculate Slim lol.Yea since theres no ermac I needed a new character to main and when I seen the reveal trailer I fell in love.I also want to main erron back so they will be co-mains.But anyway cant wait till release so I can get in the lab immediately.


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seeing Jacqui's face model in mk11 storymode reminds me of actress Keke Palmer from fox's Scream queens..

Jacqui- what is this about a blood ceremony
Scorpion-you marry takeda, you marry the shirai ryu
Jacqui- Do we get matching rope spears?

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