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Jacqui Briggs - Combo List

Updated the OP with combos for the NEXT GEN variation.

I wish they gave us bionic Bounce and enhanced air blast with plasma grenades instead of tech dome and the useless dive bomb.
Dive bomb isn't that bad seeing as how this variation is more setup based than straight damage or pressure based. This is coming from a cheetah main in injustice (in which her dive was death on block but better pay off on hit) and a csz main who used his dive kick for mobility. Jacquis dive bomb in next Gen just helps check heavy zoning which allows her to get in her other ways and use her stagger pressure.

I have a thing for lower tier variations lol and until my queen Bee gets her buffs I find next Gen as the new fun bae
FREEDOM’S LABORATORY on YT has some interesting anti-air combos as well as other combos with Next Gen.
I saw these and wanted to try them out. Didn't know you could combo off the goop hits in the air.

I'd also like to add (as an advocate for Next Gen lol) her dive bomb is actually really awesome. If you hit someone they are damn near pushed to the corner. The corner carry is amazing. Off of 2 hits from a little left/right of center, the opponent is in the corner!

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I have been maining Upgraded since Jan 2020. Since then pretty much all I have learned is from this forum. In return, I decided to share my signature AA - sorry for not sharing a video, but I dont know how to record jumping AI.

The AA can be performed either with one offensive bar, or two (one offiensive and one defensive - in the corner, I think both offensive bars can be applied, though I never tired it).

The AA can be done with regular jump (d,u follow up): this follow up does not drain your defensive bar, or the AA can be pefrormed as in up-down-forward jump, that drain your defensive bar.

Differences: The raw AA (without spending additional defensive meter is weeker of around 5%, and has less corner carry.
The AA with EX jump allow to apply 29%, if you decide to add bf2 KB, that leads to about 35% give or take.

If opponent is cornered, and you apply this AA, that leads to even greater pain. Ofcourse in both scenarios, you can apply FB asd well, that leads to over 40%+




d,u/d,u,f2,db1,4,dash,f12,bf2 (raw version)

I wont go over all possibilities, as I think it would be cool, to leave some room to some of you, to dig dipper, and have some with different ends - trust me, there are, specially when you go for up forward follow up, and get opponent by the corner.
I'll give you one more hit: when close to corner, you can go for S4 (double two hits) and then go for down up forward follow up.

Side note:
This combination, is suffitisticated in terms of executiion, so keep that in mind. If you ask me why bother, when you have other options. As MK9 Kabal/Skarlet player, and MKX Hattrick Kung Lao, i enjoy complex combinations, that are hard to execute, and always trying to forge something, a setup, finisher that becones a signature - that is mine. I have been using this on special ocastions, to get the "Holly [email protected], what was that!" expression.



Shoryuken, d2,d1,f12,bf2 (opponent must be high).