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It has Begun...DLC reveal FRIDAY MAY 31 2019


Guys... just.. Just stop. There ain't gonna be no Ermac. Ermac died okay. He's dead. He's never coming back ever again... ... until maybe the next title.
We can hope Spawn takes 100% of his toolset, but other than that.. Just accept that he's gone.. and move on. Pl.. plenty more.. fish in ... I can't

Anybody notice the colors being Red (Ermac) , Purple (Rain), Green (Reptile) and Grey (Smoke) colors?
I'm sure it's probably nothing maybe just coincidental but....kinda worried there.

Super stoked to see more though, I'm loving both the Young look and Old Look
Sheeva, Sindel, Nightwolf, Fujin

Purple = Sindel
Green= Nightwolf
Red = Sheeva
Grey = Fujin

Plus Shang himself

yeah, it has begun ..... let's prepare for the ultra hype wave tomorrow ! #cannot wait ! :D
have to eat my words.. I have been downplaying the possibility of a Shang Tsung reveal. I really thought it would be a Shao Khan situation where it would be spoiled early but previewed late, leaving the reveal tomorrow to be a brand new character that would get plastered over every gaming site... for as much as we want Tsung, the fact is we have known about him from before the launch.,. there is no surprise here.

Anyway, totally wrong about that. Have to eat crow!
Probably a lot more re: Shao Kahn, also all the i2 chargers had as much gear as the others.
I hope. In my mind, Shao Kahn is more a base character that you needed to pre-order for than a true DLC character. But, if they give the true DLC characters as much customization options as Shao Kahn, I'll be overjoyed.
If the datamined files are anything to go off of, I'm hoping Kombat Pack 1 will be:
Shang Tsung
Spawn (or Ash, more so than Spawn, but I feel he isn't ready yet, if he is in)