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It has Begun...DLC reveal FRIDAY MAY 31 2019


well crap 3 guest characters in KP1 if i'd of assumed that i'd of not gotten it and saved money buying the 3MK separately. All well. Sucks that we likely wont see Reptile, Smoke and Ermac the 3 characters i wanted most as DLC outside of Sindel.
Personally I would have preferred no guest characters, or if they were absolutely going to do them, two at most. Really don't care for any guests, but very excited for the other three.
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The only guest I wanted was Spawn, but it seems like the guest situation isn't going to go away anytime soon. Since the leak I've grown more and more interested in Joker being in MK11, just hope he has his New 52 style and not his INJ2 look
My heart goes out to Ermac, Smoke, Reptile, and Rain fans. Hopefully, Nightwolf and Sindel will bring the hype to make up for it. Speaking of, is it reasonable to expect the characters to be released on a monthly schedule like in MKX?
May 31 is already over for many ppl including me, All this wait just for a REVEAL TRAILER. Not the actual release of said dlc characters or anything, mind you. Just want you to realize how pathetic this situation is. It's like back in mkx days when they were done adding new content and used to hype up a balance patch for weeks, A friggin balance patch man. It's too early for this kinda crap tbh.
Entitled much? Seriously, what kind of logic is that? Ed Boon and NRS operate in CST time zone, and you think he must accommodate to YOUR timezone? When he made the tweet, it was already the 31st in some time zones, if you want to be technical. Finally, he didn't even say the trailer was coming out May 31st and the trailer dropped 25 hours (ooooh big fkin deal) after his TOMORROW tweet.
Also how are you going to be mad about them hyping up the DLC characters like wtf do you hate puppies too??? I bet we get the rest of the trailers very soon, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

I like that they're dropping the trailers individually to drum up as much hype for the DLC as they can. Doing it one by one creates hype, even more so, because of the peculiar situation regarding the DLC leaks. What if NRS defies our expectation and we get some other character instead of one found in the leak? That would be amazing and I hope that's the case. We'll just have to wait and see ;)
What the fuck man? He gets access to copied characters krushing blows? Sick shit. If I wasn't so shit at playing one character already, I'd main him lol