Injustice 2 Legendary Edition Watchtower Recap

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By HellblazerHawkman on Mar 21, 2018 at 4:55 PM
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    It's Watchtower time! For those of you working and didn't get a chance to catch it, here's a recap that covers everything that went down: Legendary Patch updates, new gear and new content ahoy!

    To open things up, the crew wanted to clarify on things about the Regen Token 'controversy'. The reason why your tokens are going to be replaced by credits appears to be a coding issue: the game wasn't initially intended to have a Level 30 cap. So it came down to either making a new currency that goes from 20-30 or starting from scratch. All Regen Tokens earned from this point forward will allow you to take gear to 30.

    They then got into a new feature that unlocks at level 30: augments. Augments appear to operate the same way gear perks do. So if your Aquaman Trident gives you an extra 50 strength, you can now stack another 50 strength if you have the right augment slot. They appear to have a plethora of effects, from stat changes to helping unlock more gear, so there will be a lot of new options to play with.


    From there, they showed off some of the new Epic Gear sets. Everybody should be getting new gear, but most importantly, Green Arrow has a hood now. So now we can play the game without dying a little inside. Speaking of gear, the DLC Legendary Multiverse are rolling out. The TMNT are each getting individual Multiverses and everybody is getting an additional fight that allows you to get a level 30 version of your Legendary. Along those lines, general multiverses are getting more fights and objectives that grant you more gear. Basically, you will have more options to get you 20+ gear and Motherboxes. The objective gear is now randomized, so no more getting the same Canary choker for doing her Multiverse.

    They took some time to show off the new DLC Legendaries, and Raiden's might be the coolest in the game: his Electric Fly (Superman) special now turns him into a dragon. Starfire's allows her to aim her trait, so you can now direct the beam to where you want it to go. The new gear looks really good too, but expect a lot of work needed to get them.


    For balance changes, there's nothing coming yet. Since the last patch wasn't that long ago, they aren't ready to make adjustments yet. With that said, there will be some bug fixes coming that will affect the TMNT slightly. Don't expect any MU changing fixes coming, hopefully Firestorm will get those buffs next time.

    One of the biggest changes they have coming is the advanced training mode. If you've played Guilty Gear Xrd's or Uniel's training mode, it's a lot like that. Under a new "Learn" menu, there will be character tutorials that teach you about frame traps, pressure and specific character strategies in match-ups that a certain character may struggle with. There also will be a demo mode which will show you the inputs and timing for when you should do the thing the current lesson is teaching. It is far and above the most in-depth training mode ever to be in a NRS title. Let's see how it pans out, but this might turn Injustice 2 into the most beginner friendly fighting game, which frankly, is great for the FGC. Here's hoping that they keep this mode in later releases!


    Closing things out, we had the ever growing list of birthday shoutouts. For those keeping score, Tyler lost the Lantern to Derrick. His Bane lost to Derrick's Supergirl 3-2. Whether this means all is right in the universe again or Tyler is gearing for an epic comeback, we'll find out next time. Expect the patch to drop sometime tomorrow, everything discussed here should be in. I don't know about you guys, but I'll be messing around in this new training mode ASAP!
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by HellblazerHawkman, Mar 21, 2018.

    1. AkioOf100
      Beetle gear hype!!
      HellblazerHawkman likes this.
    2. MKF30
      Shit I missed it lol awe well I will watch on youtube or twitch recorded. Raiden looks sick, very samurai vibe yet Godly looking. I love his ninja costumes too. Starfire looks sweet. Thanks for the update.
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    3. Slymind
      I was blown away with the new advanced tutorial, it would be great if they manage to incorporate that into their future titles from day 1, however, im gonna assume that part of this new tutorial is possible due to the data they managed to gather from all the Injustice high level play since release(specially the combos). So maybe in the next game they could create a living advanced tutorial, with updates as the game develops.
      AkioOf100, MKF30 and Tony at Home like this.
    4. HellblazerHawkman
      Not necessarily, Blazblue, Guilty Gear (Rev 1) and Skullgirls all have pretty in-depth tutorials right out the gate. Not necessarily the character match-up stuff, but the "what does a frame trap mean?" kind of stuff. And the combo tutorials should be in by default, they are the ones who decide what strings can link into the other, so they don't need to see data for that.

      There's a lot from this that can and probably will stick around, I think it's hella important that there is now a game that's easy to learn and easy to pick up. Uniel and GG Rev 2 also have tutorials that go this far, but they are pretty difficult to play past that point
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    5. HellblazerHawkman
      They only showed off a few, but they said every character will have new gear
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    6. STB BroZki
      STB BroZki
      Is it multiple new pieces or just a gear set per character?
    7. Jhonnykiller45
      Every character will recieve one new epic set plus other standalone gears.
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    8. Marinjuana
      All the gear looks sick but hot damn Lord Brainiac save some swag for the lower level intellects!
    9. RonnyRAGE
      I want Shredder Sub-Zero!!!
    10. Lt. Boxy Angelman
      Lt. Boxy Angelman
      I wonder if you get specific gear or shaders for 100%'ing a character's tutorials.
      It's like MKDA's Konquest, everyone is included in the pie.
      I am impressed.
    11. Swindle
    12. MKF30
      I agree that part looked insanely amazing, can't wait to see what they do for MK 11 out of the gate and with updates after that. Props to NRS guys for adding that and more source crystals events and doing the learning mode unlocking them too, always helpful.
    13. NothingPersonal
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    14. DDutchguy
      It'll probably not be Shredder Sub-Zero because that would be actually cool lol
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    15. Cursa
    16. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Its really satisfying seeing NRS growing into a development team we all believe they can be, in not a distant reality i never though that having advanced tutorials was even a possibility, even though we discussed this a few times and i was willing to put something similar for future NRS games, glad to see when no one else took the torch no other than NRS itself decided to take the torch and make something good from it, i'm more than happy and really eager and optimist MK11 might actually not only have everything good I2 brought along but some improvements as well.
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    17. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      What an awesome update it is. The new tutorial looks amazing and the new Gear pieces and sets look awesome. I'm sure gonna have my hands full getting the Legendaries for Sub, Star and TMNT, or at least just Leo.

      Indeed, NRS games are only growing for the better and the future looks very promising.
    18. Clutch8
      Can't wait!! #LearnFromThis
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    19. HellblazerHawkman
      Will say, little bummed that the Learn mode is just Batman stuff, but still hella useful. And there's nothing saying they can't go further and MK11, for their first outing, it's really great. Like that they use colors to demonstrate frame data stuff
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    20. kevkopdx
      Pretty sure you can pick any character for tutorials from the main learn screen
    21. Cursa
      I think he means for all the combo guides and stuff. Like for the counter zoning tutorial you have to play as Batman vs Deadshot I think.
      HellblazerHawkman likes this.
    22. HellblazerHawkman
      Yeah, that stuff. So you can learn when Batman is safe in certain situations, but no other characters.
    23. Cursa
      I guess there's the other tutorials but they only cover a minor amount of stuff. The Atom one would have been good for a new person trying to learn Atom but eh, didn't give me any insight into anything I didn't know.

      But like you said, in future games it could be developed into more. Like for each tutorial you pick the character and then you get a tutorial for that character about whatever tutorial you picked, e.g You pick like Scarecrow and you picked the "counter zoning" tutorial so you get a walkthrough on Scarecrow's tools that allow for him to get past zoning like teleport, J2, F1 etc.

      I get that that's a lot of work for a tutorial though so maybe not.
    24. neveradestroyer
      No Krang skin to Braniac... such a waste. I would main Brainiac from day one if He had one. Now I feel in despair. This makes me think on un-installing Injustice 2. :(

      I wanted an high intellect alien monster with a high pitched irritating child voice as a playable char. Is that much to ask?.:(

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