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Sure Vixen can project more animalistic traits...she's a hero and I'm all for her, but she doesn't make my top 6 list.

Starfire I understand.
Beast Boy I understand.
Raven I understand. Raven was mad popular in IGAU1.
Ares, Shazam, Zod, Zatanna, I really understand.

But why Red Hood? because of one movie that came out in 2010...horrible comic book series with not much good ratings despite having Starfire and Arsenal by his side. We're talking about possibly the worst Robin of all time, the worst leader of all time and a guy who got his ass kicked by another Robin, the original.

Make Red Hood an alt skin for Deadshot. Real talk. They have the same move sets. That way we can have Red Hood and have room for 9 more other characters.

Give me Slade and give me Dick. The best of the villains and the best of the heroes, these are guys with an actual resume in DC comics with a huge and deep following for each character. Both guys have been featured in their own comics without relying on a supporting cast.
Even though I completely agree with you, It's hard to stop the hype for the character. We are in the minority.

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Red Hood
Black Manta

2 Guests

It's a longshot for most characters I listed but hey. My fav character is already in. Anyone else I'm interested in is a luxury!


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I imagine they're going to announce all of the DLC characters that will be included in the Ultimate Edition, in order to spur last-minute sales.


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Could be nothing.

Or could be everything!
You just made me think of something,
The first trailer for injustice 2 was this fighting arena that is shown in the DLC pic up top. And it also had who we all thought was Ra's al Ghul voice taking about the "pit". What if the first DLC character is Ra's a; Ghul? (yet another Batman character)


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Ares and Starfire. Third could be anyone doubt a guest this early. If so third will be sub.

But that's just my guess.



so brightening the picture i will guess...
black manta- aquaman's trident in bg
Ares-WW sword and shield
red hood-batarangs in wall on left
cant make out the rest
I don't think the stuff in the image is hinting at the character(s) that will be shown. Remember the first cinematic that was shown? This is the same place, so it seems it will be showing what happened after they clashed.

With that being said, all of those characters do have great chances of making it in, along with Starfire, Constantine, etc. I just don't think that Batarangs in a wall = Red Hood, or anything like that.


Let's not be surprised if only two or three of the DLC characters are ones that are actually highly requested while the rest of them either being guests or characters that WB/DC wants to promote. Because this is pretty much how the DLC was handled in Injustice 1 and MKX.


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It's just the first five seconds of the cinematic launch trailer tomorrow. Those aren't hints of what the DLC will be.

It'll be a flashy trailer, it'll end, and three or whatever DLC characters will come out of the shadows like in MKX or something.