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IDGAF Throws Are Too Strong


Read most of the stuff here. General concensus is that throws do too much damage, and the 50/50 nonsense is annoying. Honestly I'd feel better if we were able to tech throws while blocking which someone else mentioned. I play Soul Calibur and it works, so why can't MK11 have it? I do wish throws did less damage (for KB as well). I will admit, I haven't been D2'ing enough and adapting to throws is something I need work on.
Agreed, however, what are we supposed to do? All of our canned strings whiff or are so slow we can bbq some steaks and still be back on time to catch the startup frames...poke?...d1?....the obvious choice is throw. Insane priority....free 50/50..and could lead to KB. Jump in kick throws. All day


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And you act like ALL of those options don't get blown up(universally at that) by the throw mixup itself.

In any situation where you might get thrown, you ALSO might get frametrapped. The frametrap is going to blow up Jump, duck, grab, specials, pokes, and techs. That's fine and expected. The problem is you have a NESTED MIXUP in the throw.

It's astounding that people are defending this.

Every time you get + frames on someone they HAVE to STOP BLOCKING or they might get thrown. At which point you can crouch ALL you want but now you're gonna get opened up by an overhead, low, mid OR throw. The sheer threat of the (too strong) throw opens you up to EVERYTHING ELSE in an attempt to defend from the throw. Then you FINALLY defend a throw but there's still ONE MORE coinflip on top of that.

Throws are too strong, point blank period. They offer no viable counterplay than "flip or coin" or "eat the throw".
Let me get this straight, you believe because some characters have frame Traps that throws are broke. I disagree it's an option to make a guess game not a game breaking mechanic.
Maybe certain characters shouldn't leave them so close after throw for loops but there are legit counters to almost everything in this game.

Throws are fair, what you suggested would require more than half the roster to be reworked. Seems counter productive to me.

Personally I like how throws counter pokes. Since there is a meta ruled by countering highs it's nice to have that tool. And yes SF pokes beat throws but that's SF not This game and both have completely different metas. Instead of people focusing on older MKs and other games they should adapt to this one.

There is guesses of may things in fighters, throw, Overhead Low, frame Traps, number of hits, staggers ect. What makes some hate throw guess over the rest? At least with throws there are ways to avoid it and tech it. Seems like they are the fairest option and in my opinion the tech window is the largest I've seen.
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