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I want Horror Kombat aka NRS's Terrordome: The Game!!

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I certainly would like to see it. For one it keeps MK fresh (IIRC Midway released a new MK game every two years and it killed the series) and also IGAU. Might as well let NRS's creativity flow into even darker places haha.

Tim Static

How about they skip Injustice 2 and make a horror inspired fighting game instead?
My wish would be a couple teams to work on several projects. I don't mind an I2, but i want a Horror Kombat-ish game, as well as a Shaolin Monks type game AS WELL as a remake of MK Trilogy.

Or a full emulation of MK4 Rv3.0.

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I'm extrordinarily hyped, I'm liking almost every post in here. Must calm down. Gonna play Matt Cordell to relax


I support the idea for a couple of reasons.

1. I'd be more into a horror themed fighting game than I am Injustice, and it could be just as violent/cool as MK.

2. It'd hopefully keep out or at least lessen the amount of guest/horror characters as DLC in the next MK. Really, I don't get hype at all for these outside characters, I would've much preferred KP2 to be entirely MK themed.
I would think if NRS could swing the licensing, then this would be a no-brainer and a instant cash grab for them. I would suspect that it would sell in VAST quantities and be a huge hit with the casuals.. which is were the money is anyway.

Also I would prefer a movie based fighter than DC Comics. I would defiantly buy into it.


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I'm all for it, as a horror fan and fan of darker stuff in general (why I love MK over all else in the genre and why I read DC over Marvel typically) I support this idea. Said it years ago, NRS would be the perfect studio for an official horror or horror/sci-fi game. I think between their solid track record, the money behind them and horror junkies who literally dream about a game like this who wouldn't want a horror game with Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, Pennywise, Chucky, Creeper, Ash, Mia, Hannibal, Norman Bates, Leatherface, The Thing, Leprahaun, Annie Wilkes, Scream, Count Orlok, Iris, Candy Man, Captain Spaulding, Alien, Predator, Jack Torrance, Patrick Bateman, The Nazgul (or witch king)Ripley, Killer from I know what you did last summer Hook guy, Seline(Underworld), Dracula, Invisible Man, Wolfman or dude from American Werewolf, Trick or Treat's Sam, My bloody Valentine guy, Carrie, Species chick, Jennifer's Body chick, The Blob(I know some may think this would be weird but they can just make it as tall as the rest similar to that blobby thing in Clayfighter), The Boogey Man, Beetlejuice, Frankenstein, Pumpkinghead, Terminator, chick from Hard Candy (maybe she's 14 I think the character) and Slappy. On the fence about Tiffany(Chucky's GF) since she's really a female Chucky but she is a popular character though...they could use her human form. So I counted 40 but say you minus Hard Candy chick and Tiffany both unlikely that's still a good 38 -39 characters but point is they definitely have more than enough to make a horror/sci fi fighting game.

NOTE: Didn't include Billy because he's too much like Slappy and Slappy has better feats, didn't include Billy the puppet from Saw because again little to no feats and really wanted to include but didn't Annabelle but she's really no different than Talky Tina, both kill people but don't even move so it's kind of hard to include them in a fighting game. One just uses her body and moves around when nobody is looking, the other uses TK but doesn't actually walk around. I also didn't include Dolly Dearest because just a female Chucky, same for Demonic Toys plus they're too small like Puppet Master puppets Blade is cool as heck but he's sadly too small. I know some may ask, well why add Chucky then? Simple, one he's iconic as fuck and two it's realistic for someone of 2 feet high to actually exist via dwarfs, midgets etc or at least around the same height.

IMO these would be the best choices as you can see there's quite a lot there
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I'm 100% in on a WB Film style game... I think it would be really cool. Horror, Scifi and other Gener films that WB has the rights to would be a great game to play and sell.. plus it would mean the horror film characters could be removed from MK completely.

If they did it, I think they could take some things form MK, but I hope they do something to differentiate it.


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Yeah like not sure how they'd do fatalities, maybe have the announcer say " KILL HIM!" instead of "FINISH HIM" Some characters they could definitely also do alternate costumes from different movies, eras etc


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I think what you're really asking is if "it'd be cool if NRS made a horror fighter". To which most people would say absolutely. Problem is though, with that kind of roster, you'd need licensing rights for all of those characters. @AcId and crew don't charge for Terrordrome so there's no copyright issues.