1. Tanya-Fan-28

    Kitana Human Skin with Revenant Outfits

    I always thought Kitana's default human outfit is dull compared to her MKX outfit. Had they kept her emperor revenant outfit from MKX and used the revenant armor in MK11 as her human default, I feel like feedback on her overall design in MK11 would have been better. They should give us the...
  2. Tim Static

    I want Horror Kombat aka NRS's Terrordome: The Game!!

    I bring this up after seeing Ed Boon talk about it on his twitter page, and this is something I know I've discussed in the past with others (before 2013 of course :coffee: ) and while MK10 would be awesome, yadda yadda yadda i can see how the whole MK idea can be getting boring for NRS as well...