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I have never rage quit or quit any game. Why would you?

Have you ever quit?

  • Yes

    Votes: 37 48.1%
  • No

    Votes: 40 51.9%

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3 Pages of "Why I'd NEVER!!" lol.

Yet every time I play KL I get the drop on these super laggy random ass Scorpions and the first thing they do when they realize mashing d1 won't lead to a big juicy combo is ragequit.

Somebody's lying

I’m quite certain that “super laggy random ass Scorpions” don’t visit TYM.


What do you mean by quit? Like pulling the plug or quiting before the fatality is done?

I quit 2/3 of the time after i lost and i blame NRS. I had to see those Fatalities like a 1000 times each for those character towers and heads that i need a break from most of them atm. Besides that they are to many idiots and disrespectful peoples around to wait for them to teabug or talk shit via voice while on the finish him screen. No reason to stay for that.

People pull the plug cuz some people care too much about shiny stats. Also the reward system further encourages this behavior as some people just play KL for the skins/gear and pulling is the only and/or fastest way to do it for them. Had 19 people pull on me during this KL, its sad.


casual kahnage
As a child I used to rage quit monopoly. All that money spent building those houses and hotels and then they don't even land on it? F that.
I think everybody rage quits monopoly lol. I don’t think I have ever finished a game.
A Centrion player who uses Ground Pound and Rock Throw.Like someone I played today Demi God player with Wifi connection and 2 yellow bar ping.I can play some players with shitty connections if its not a zoner,but if is one. I just leave probably was a quitality.