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Hunter Pence says: "Joker is actually better than Green Arrow"

Red Reaper

The Hyrax Whisperer
22 frame is the startup, there are also recovery frames...
2 frames.
100% sure? it looks a bit more.
Maybe. It's not a lot though.
Yeah.. It recovers really fast. It's almost instant (if not instant, since I don't think I've ever gotten hit by a teleport or jump in while an arrow was flying out). That's why I'm pretty sure Batgirl kan't react in time.

I mean you guys kan try testing it in training mode. Try doing a recording with a mix of baiting and straight arrows.

Red Reaper

The Hyrax Whisperer
Yeah man, labbing this character since the game came out but I sure as hell don't know my setups.

The only 50 50s he has midscreen are almost never worth doing and I'm 100% sure they're not those that you're thinking.
It's simpler than set ups. You just do it... Nothing komplicated about instant J2 into a 11 kombo and a safe B1.