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Hunter Pence says: "Joker is actually better than Green Arrow"


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Maaaan, why did they nerfed GA for no reason?
Because they thought chris G was abusing everything so they nerfed all of his plus string's cancel advantages into nothing. He was never that good and his nerfs hurt him more...but they were kind of broken. Infinites for days. Poor martian would have got bodied in the corner by arrow if he still had them...the only problem is getting a martian to the corner XD
I'm not sure it really matters to be honest. At least with Batgirl, Aquaman, or Manhunter you're arguing who the best in the game is. Does it really matter who the worst is when we all agree they're both bottom 5 at this point?

Edit: to put it another way, I'd really rather not get caught up in arguing with the cyborg, joker, ares and scorpion community over who has it harder. I'd rather we all just hugged each other and drank away our sorrows about how real the struggle is.
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Joker has BS 50/50's. BS Set Ups. And has answers to a lot of shit on read with both a low parry and high/mid parry that recover pretty fast.

With that said, I learned to listen to reason so I don't need to argue these kinds of things...