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Video/Tutorial How to punish Bane (up to 69% damage)


Trust me, I'm a doctor
Either you're not having Bane block or I have the worst timing ever because I can not get a 3,3 to hit. I can barely get a d+1 or 1 to hit. Why wouldn't I just dash out and punish?
You could do that, but you generate an extra trait which gives you at least a good wake-up option since its the only one we can't blow up. Also works from all ranges where dashing under only works at closer ranges and not the further ones where we get a lot more + on block (up to +13).

Its just an option, not saying its the best one but its one to consider. I mean you get a scratch, and can do like...
112xxcat claw b.3 f.3 into whatever for no meter and it'll snag you some decent damage and oki if you end it out with like... 122 or 1 f.2.

You can also do like...
112xxcat claw b.3 f.3 112xxMB cat dash into b.2 and it'll fast stand them into your pressure game like f.1 and whatnot. 35% for 1 bar, as well as getting a wake-up we can't stop.

Or if you can get them to the corner, you can do something like...
112xxcat claw b.3 j.3 f.112xxMB cat claw into MB cat dash and it'll cross up and fast stand them as well.