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How to beat your main?


Meow Hoes
I've always wanted to make a thread for how to beat my mains. But I would probably get blown up by the sub forum. And I wanna how to beat everyone else's main.

- if you can stop her from zoning you took always her core gameplay. And if she can't get in. You made her completely irrelevant to this game

- don't let her wake up
- if you have the life lead hold back and let her kill her self. I recommend staying in the range where catdash is still punishable, which is just outside of her core range

- don't let her get away with regular teleports. Punish that shit.
- when you do that you force her to use meter
- when you do that she can't really get good damage or set ups
- when you take that awayt she only has her zoning

- she doesn't really have flaws besides the player playing her. Lol have fun


Regina George of discord
Zatanna: be patient and punish her, make her do a dumb move.

Wonder Woman: Keep her out, if you can't do that... Pray.


I want Kronika to step on my face
Nightwing: Learn how to interrupt 90% of the things you get hit with, and enjoy yourself.
Almost everything he has in Staff is interruptible.


You will serve me in The Netherrealm
Batman: block low, fuzzy guard the overheads(b23, b112, and f3), pushblock trait away and anti-air j2. Score a knockdown and have a ball.


Green Lantern: Zone him out
Superman: Punish F23 attempts, punish air dash, dont let him zone, stay out of corner

GG, No Re, Get Rekt m8, dont h8 i r8 8/8


Leggo Sinestro!
Joker: Block, Tech roll, anti-air, push block.
GL: don't jump too much, don't try to block forever, unless your Jupiter or Chris g level at blocking you will get opened up eventually, same with joker.


Zod: stop him from zoning, and guess right on trait 50/50s. Once you stop his zoning, he has nothing,

Batgirl: guess right on vortex and bait wakeups

Doomsday: block all earthshakers and tech all throws

Aquaman: Backdash all from the deeps and use this to outzone him

Am I doing this right?


Joker: Pick anyone with a decent fireball game or above average pressure. If said character is mix-up heavy, good lord, you'll have a field day. @Amplified$hotz's answer is totally better. On a serious note, don't let yourself get cornered.


I'm going to do the three characters I spent some time with in this game.

BG - pushblock everything. It's always worth it. Interrupt b2d3~redemption, it's not a true link.

GA - as @Caleb Hara said, interrupt d1~arrow. It really forces GA to players to think twice. After you block f2d13, back dash away from more pressure.

Sinestro - get in at all cost and stay in. You must prevent him from getting trait out. Don't worry about eating some fear blasts to make this happen. It's worth it.