How Did You Pick Your FGC/Gamer Name/Handle?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by CrimsonShadow, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    FGC- his mother.
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  2. I like wrestling a lot. I used to cycle through finisher names on Steam but I ended up staying with StylesClash.

    My PSN name was because little baby me liked Eragon but couldn't spell Murtagh so Mutough was my MapleStory name and it stuck.

    I'm probably gonna change my handle to my wrestling ring name
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  3. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco Mexican street vendor

    I like mexican food and MegaTaco was already taken on Xbox live
  4. Baconlord


    I'm just pretty fat
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  5. scarsunseen

    scarsunseen Safeties disabled. Mod mode engaged.

    My dumb name is from lyrics from an old Dream Theater song called Anna Lee. My name is dumb.
  6. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    started working for the band Static-X in the early 2000s and the late Wayne Static saw me so much that he started calling me Tim Static. I SO fucking kept it lmao

    ps- WASSSSSSUP?!?
  7. SneakyTortoise

    SneakyTortoise Official Master of Salt
    Director of Content

    The first games I played online were FPS. I wanted something silly to come up on the kill feed, so that it would read like:

    Xx360noscopexx was killed by a sneaky tortoise

    Decided to lose the "a" from my gamertag when joining TYM
  8. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

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  9. [​IMG]

    Yes I admit that this was from CoD, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
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  10. Second Saint

    Second Saint A man with too many names.

    Coin Flip
    I used to have a character in d2 called an_effin_rock for the exact same reason.
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  11. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    Just for you, sweety.

    As a child living in Windsor, Pa the storms would often be very bad in the Summer. In fact, we had a tree fall on our house - it broke through area of the roof above the living room where my Mom, sister and I were standing. I remember her screaming at me to get away from the door... I wanted to watch what was going on.

    Where I lived was surrounded with trees so the wind would often create a violent atmosphere (trees screaming, swaying, you thought they'd all fall down because of the wind) that I was terrified of as a child. I was so afraid, I would often have a recurring dream of a blackened sky seeking me out in the middle of the day.

    Years later (still couldn't think of a name I liked), I was at a friends house and there sat in his living room some relaxation tapes. One of the tapes was called "STORMS".
  12. coolwhip

    coolwhip Noob

    I was having pie, then I realized you can't have pie without CoolKhwip.
  13. Euph0nic

    Euph0nic Purple Glowy Stuff

    it's a dance music label, they make muh favorite rave records 16 some years ago
  14. VSC_Supreme

    VSC_Supreme The Anti-Nerf Equation will be mine.

    I was watching DBZ as a kid and it was the episode when Supreme Kai first revealed who he was, I asked my older brother what Supreme meant and he told me it was the best of the absolute best at the top. I thought he was going to be this incredible super strong bad ass because of what Supreme meant and decided I wanted to adopt that moniker for my online persona. Now everyone thinks its just cause the Clothes and the memes.
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  15. BSJeebus

    BSJeebus Future Karate Expert

    My gamer handle has been some variation of Slick Tony for, oh, 10 years now. I tried to make my original Xbox 360 avatar look really "hip" (or at least what 13 year old me thought was hip) My dad, seeing my avatar for the first time, thought I looked liked a hustler kid. So he started calling me Slick Tony to mess with me. It just stuck. The ironic part is that my names not even Tony.
  16. grogchugger

    grogchugger 99 percent sodium free!

    there are like 3 handles I use but the one I use on here/PSN I chose because I'm a fan of the Monkey Island games.
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  17. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma Elder God

  18. ChoseDeath

    ChoseDeath Seriously Casual Player.
    Premium Supporter

    You have excellent taste sir.
  19. MrArcher15

    MrArcher15 Noob

    I really like my last name which is archer and when i played football I wore the number 15 because my mom was born on the first of august while my grandmother was born on the 5th of may . I just stuck the mr in there cuz in school thats what they called me, mr archer.
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  20. KingKhrystopher

    KingKhrystopher Official Merlin of TYM
    News Editor

    I got a bunch to go through, so I'll just explain them all.

    I developed KingKhrystopher because I used to write fantasy novels literally all the time. One of the main characters I made was named Khrystopher, a more "regal" form of Christopher (at least IMO at the time). I still stand by it though. And when I joined TYM I didn't intend on staying long or even talking at all, so I was just like, fuck it, Khrystopher. Then I threw King in front of it to assert my dominance.

    My PSN is IShadowOfLight, and I made that name because my previous account (To_The_Empire) got banned, so I did Shadow Of Light because it's an oxymoron and because everyone always says I'm a white male in a black male's body. I now realize how problematic that is, but oh well, too late.

    And then lastly my current name I'm going by is Legend-Valor Michael Jones, which is a slightly altered form of my real full name, and which I plan to officially change my name to whenever I decide to move out of Louisiana.
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  21. Solo

    Solo Shadow Priest
    Premium Supporter

    I honestly thought Solo sounded like a cool name, so I stuck with it.
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  22. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman

    daigo recommended it to me
  23. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    Oh come on you :p
  24. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman

    newsflash. all us top sf players chill with each other.
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  25. Saint Op Omen

    Saint Op Omen Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...

    Saint Op
    This topic is good...thanks for the read.

    I mostly lurk but I'll join anyways .

    The Op part has always been part of my name everywhere and I've had it as long as I can remember @1992... but I literally have no clue how I got it...mostly because I cant remember anything before that year. I was 12..and got hit by lightning. .but thats what everyone in school and such called me so I kept it going..funny thing is everyone group had different reasons for it..
    the saint part was because 1. all my real names are saints. 2. I am most definitely not 1..and 3. im an artist who did lots of graffiti & st. op was easy to do and I hit up a lot of stop signs.
    the omen thing is random as all the things i put after op..most of them for rhyming purposes as I also write lyrics n such...ok thanks bye

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