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How Did You Pick Your FGC/Gamer Name/Handle?


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I used to have one back from when I was an edgy teenager. So when I got my PS4, I thought it was time for a change, and I've since then changed it everywhere else as well.

Heavy, because that was my nickname for a long time (people thought I looked like someone who heard a lot of heavy metal). Norse, because I'm from Scandinavia, but also because I've always been very interested in Norse Mythology.


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I have actually two other nicknames, which are actually my main go-to-nicknames, but since I'm using "Krankk" here, I'll just explain that one:

I used to play WOW a decade ago and after a server change I needed a brand new nickname, since I couldn't use my main two ones. Long story short: I didn't want a certain person to find me.
Then I came up with "Krankk" since on the old server I was regarded as the best Shadow Priest player (PVP) and was often complimented with a "sick" playstyle. "Krank" is "sick" in German, but it's stylized with a second K. So "Sickk".


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Self-ascribed. Primarily because if you made me pick my favorite musical style ever it would be Death Metal, and (especially when I was younger) I very rarely read contemporary authors, much preferring classical literature (chose to read dead authors).


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OOOO i like this topic :)

Well, kids. Take a seat while Uncle JBeezY tells you a story

Once upon a time not long ago, this Negro (BARS) was in highschool and had his own crew. Dancing crew. It was during the time where Hip Hop Clowning was a thing, like Clown walking, crip walking, stripper dancing, etc. Yeah it was wild. So with my lil crew of 3 of us, my homies decided to give me the nickname JBeezY. Me being a MAJOR Lil Wayne fan, I loved how he called himself Weezy F Baby. So i decided to put baby at the end of JBeezY. JBeezY-BabY with Capital Y because....whY not ?Question mark ;)

That name has stuck with me ever since :)


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I was trying to think of a new handle to use way back when I was playing this text-based MMO called Race War Kingdoms.

They had an enemy named "Elder Dragonkin" and I kinda went from there and came up with what you see today. I was going for a name that had a ring to it that sounded like it could be the name of a dragon. The end result was Eldriken. I've used it ever since.


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I think this thread was done like when the last MK came out lol. I remember a similar topic on here. Always fun reading the origins of players.

But anyway, Originally was just MKF then MKF30. I wanted to add something to make it stand out. The MKF is short for as most would probably guess, Mortal Kombat Fanatic. The 30 is the date I was born as well as the number I wore when I played baseball, sports etc

I have a few other aliases but prefer to keep those a mystery.
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My infant self not knowing what an American cop is supposed to look like, I thought Stryker in MK3 was some kind of street thug and looked kinda cool. I started using the name myself and throughout all the various nicknames that spawned from it, 'Strykie' eventually stuck.

(For any newer members who are curious, no, I did not play Stryker in MK9, every time I thought about giving him a chance, I kept finding more problems about him lol)

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Well STB obviously because I'm in the STB clan.

The rest was from 2001 when Halo was THE lan game people played at gatherings. Everyone was naming themselves like Cpt this or Corporal that, so I wanted a military name too. Stuck Sgt in front of a portion of my name and there you go.

I've actually been thinking of changing it to something more up to date and more gaming related. We'll see