How did you find/what brought you to TYM?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Phanatic, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Phanatic

    Phanatic RM Phanatic

    Im not sure how long TYM has been around but I'm still considered one of the new guys to join this site but i been around for a few months and i love this site.

    My question is how did you hear about TYM? Hod did you find it? What brought you here?
  2. xInfra Deadx

    xInfra Deadx The hospital's seen better days...

    Frame data brought me here.
  3. redeyes

    redeyes Button Masher

    Someone on xbox told me to check it out.

    sooo glad they did i love tym soo much. well except for the recent drama bomb.
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  4. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Noob

    When I first saw videos of competitive mk, one of the commentators said something about TYM and MKU so I checked them out. Shortly after I joined both but went on TYM only until recently.

    I actually messaged Tom Brady before I did on youtube about the best way to get into the community. He replied back, which was surprising. This was around late december and had my first tournament in Jan. I was able to get 1-2, blackula and revolver blew me up

    I mained mileena and Radien at the time. Didn't know why I didn't choose lao because he was my best character at the time.
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  5. CRUM

    CRUM Make Plays, Not Excuses

    9.95. I was watching MLG Columbus and he plugged TYM several times and the rest is history.
  6. Chongo

    Chongo Dead Kings Rise

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  7. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
    Premium Supporter

    Tom Brady. :D
  8. Goldy

    Goldy Goldbae ♡
    Lead Moderator Royal Contributor

    People on Gfaqs were talking about it.
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  9. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    An Angolan player used to visit it to improove his game, and when i came with idea of gather us on a forum, he recommended me the website, i ended up here on that time Erik Warda and REO were rolling with Kuh Bawl, CDjr with Jax and Rain and Crazy Dominican with Kitana.
    I think that was during the patch time, now i can't even believe i pratically made a year here now lol
  10. Miss Kanzuki

    Miss Kanzuki *KANZUKI GOON SQUAD*
    Royal Contributor

    Someone with a PSN tag of "cowboysfan" or some shit like that messaged me back when Scorpion was my main, and I was still new with Baraka, but I decided to used my main at the time, Scorpion, and they messaged me saying "that the worst Scorpion I ever fought, you need to go to TYM and level up bro" oh man I wish I knew who he was...I'd love to show him what TYM has taught me since then :p
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  11. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    Chaosphere said I had a good Smoke and to visit TYM to learn how to get myself to the next level

    At first I wasn't too sure about a video game forum, that sounded lame to me, but I stumbled on a video of Tom Brady getting hype as fuck and decided to check it out.
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  12. aj1701

    aj1701 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I got sick of losing online so I went looking for strategiesand other tips to win.
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  13. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter

  14. Hobozzzx

    Hobozzzx Up the Irons!!!

    same here
  15. Error

    Error DF2+R2

    When I used to frequent the GameFails MK9 board I used to google Ermac combos and kept stumbling upon the Ermac sub-forums on TYM, eventually decided to register and here I am.
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  16. Matix218

    Matix218 D4, D4, D4, D4

    I was searching for info on mk9 right after the game was announced and stumbled upon TYM. Been a regular ever since.
  17. K7L33THA

    K7L33THA Grapple > Footsies
    Premium Supporter

  18. Red Raptor

    Red Raptor Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

  19. Spletty

    Spletty Grandmaster

  20. Phanatic

    Phanatic RM Phanatic

    Liking everyone answer so far
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  21. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR The bandwagon is the best kind of dwagon. It bans.

    I was originally at the official site and found it poorly organized. So I kept looking. I found this and trmk, which was still not good enough so I stuck around for this place.
  22. Eh SnOwY

    Eh SnOwY Tankata2 @ Youtube

    Eh SnOwY
    AU digimon interviewing Alexdc's kid he mentioned TYM there + saw on some1's xbox profiles
  23. Lumpymoomilk

    Lumpymoomilk Online Punching Bag

    I heard this was a good porn site. I looked around and saw no nudity but you all seemed like nice enough people so I stayed.
  24. Rampage254

    Rampage254 Ayy Lmao
    Premium Supporter

    Gamefaqs..So glad I found TYM too cause the gamefaqs mk9 boards have went to shit.
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  25. KIllaByte

    KIllaByte PSN: playakid700. Local name: BFGC MonkeyBizness

    TestYourMight was featured at, which was the site that hosted EVO 2011's MK9 streams; which I watched, despite the fact that I hadn't the faintest fucking idea what in the everlasting fuck I was doing.

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