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its a typo he meant 4-23 . 4-3 is an ender . i don't like ending in 4-3 in corner because wakeups come out before you recover so if you do end with it fly into corner to cross them up .
Thanks for the tip I didn't know that

I cant get the 4 32 to come out
Yeh its tricky to do the key is you have to hit 4 right after the MB hit from the MC. It takes really strict timing to get, cause honestly I don't think she is really suppose to be able to do it in the first place lol

anyway, once you land MCMB, right when that second hit connects, hit 4 23 quickly. The best way to figure out the timing is just watch her, practice the MCMB in the corner and when you hit 4 you will see her do this strange flutter with her wings, that is how you know you got it to work.

-EDIT- BTW @Espio and everyone else that helped explain that B3 stuff earlier, it really helped now I am getting a consistent 37% and trying to further explore this fun new tool to use.
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Thanks guys its like the one thing I have been trying to figure out for a while now. I got a lot good corner stuff, but I also never considered doing a WE2 instead I was using 32 MT U MB WE3, WE3, F13, F13, F13, which comes to about 52%, alternatively I have been using B22, MT U MB, or B23, WE3 ...
nice combo I love doing the mc loop it's fun :)
oooo I like that idea with the MCMB 4 12D3, I been just using 23 as the ender, but that sounds more nice.

To further iterate yeh if you want to get your corner damage up high you have to be able to nail B1WE3, typically you can land two in a row and follow it up with F13 x3. There are numerous setups for it too.
4 1 3 ender is best you get to double dash to flip wake ups for full combo punish and if the don't wake up your safe to go in for a 50/50 :) her back 1 3 string is very good in corner cause it's an untechable knockdown and it can flip wake ups if double dash followed after like her 1 w back 3 string , sick corner game !!


Im finding the mmh mu not so bad now . his zoning is pretty easy to wing evade . the tp WE timing is easy also just as his body goes under start WE input if its rego tp youll block and can do 3-mtmbu combo . As @Espio has said alot of his strings can be we2 punished and he gets smoked in corner . its no where near 3-7 .
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