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Green arrow Vs Robin

I have been playing green arrow for a good while now and i am doing fine with him but every time my opponent plays robin and they are semi decent I just can't get in close enough to hit him so, does anyone have any solutions to this?


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You don't ever want to be close in this match up, spam low and overhead arrows and reload each time you get the chance.

You can use the arrow escape move to create distance, build meter and each time the Robin player gets close to you to escape, be careful though as the Robin player can read it, throw a batrang and close in space. In the corner you can escape using a MB roll.

Use up arrows, jump arrows and the anti air arrow move to stop the Robin player from using the air blade spin to get in.
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Savage Blast at footsie range and shoot arrows at long range. If he gets in and tries to MB dp, it has a gap. You kan MB B3 in between but a D1 would trade with him and he still gets a follow up so keep that in mind.

Like in any match up where arrow kan zone, MB roll helps you a lot more than it helps them. Use it to get out of the korner but don't be predictable. Your F2 is faster than his stuff too, just make sure you're in range, otherwise Savage Blast beats his ranged moves so use that.

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As a robin main this matchup is completely in your favor. STAY FULL SCREEN AND SHOOT ARROWS MY GUY. Robin has a hard time getting in if you play your game correctly and when he does get in and savage blast will send him back.

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Fire and boxing glove arrows are your friend. If you can tag him before birdarang finishes he has no options except to creep in or roll and risk getting punished.
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It's all so very confusing.
Savage Blast is what attracted me to GA. It's so so satisfying.

It's such a waste but one of my favorite things to do in this game is MB Savage blast when the opponent thinks they're safe and all I'm going to do is hop backwards like an idiot shooting at the floor. NOPE. PEWPEW.

I can feel the deep sigh through the console.