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  1. Gunnxr


    I want this to be a place to discuss anything related to Fujin's match-ups. Whether that means match-up scores, tech for certain matchups, annoying things about certain matchups, or anything else is completely up to you guys. Fujin is by far the character I have spent the most time with out of...
  2. Vastly

    Does Anyone Else Find The Kitana VS Sub-Zero Match-Up Very Strange?

    I main Johnny and since he has some issues I am learning a new main and keeping Johnny as a secondary. So far I have been using Kitana for about 6 days now and I really really like her. I am finally getting around to trying out some different match ups and my Friend Dillon R has a wicked Sub...
  3. GJX7

    Joker Matchup Discusion (w/ Chart)

    Welcome! Please Note: This chart will be constantly updated as the discussion moves forward, please share your opinions! Joker Match-up Chart: Aquaman 5 - 5 Atrocitus 5 - 5 Bane 5 - 5 Batman 4 - 6 Black Adam 4 - 6 Black Canary 5 - 5 Black Manta 4 - 6 Blue Beetle 4 - 6 Brainiac 4 - 6 Captain...
  4. Roy Arkon

    Sub-Zero Match-up discussion

    Now that Sub-Zero is out for a while, I think it is a good time to discuss what are the good and bad MU's for Sub-Zero and what couls be good secondary characters to cover the bad ones. Let the discussion begin :) I will start by saying that he is good against Deadshot as he can Slide under...
  5. K

    Green arrow Vs Robin

    I have been playing green arrow for a good while now and i am doing fine with him but every time my opponent plays robin and they are semi decent I just can't get in close enough to hit him so, does anyone have any solutions to this?
  6. GS_Zodiac

    Robin Match up analysis- video thread

    I'm not sure of a good way to make this professional, but I figured we'd need this thread eventually so here we are

    Match Footage - Sun God Mortal Kombat X - Kotal Kahn Sun God - Online Matches with FIGHTNOW!

    Also, please post your matches or favorite footage!
  8. I

    Match Footage - Leatherface Leatherface vs. The World (Post Patch 10-4-16)

    Thanks to TommyKing5, I'm turning this thread to a place where all Leatherface players or those looking to pick up Leatherface, can post and check out his gameplay against the rest of the roster after the 10-4-16 patch. I hope you guys find this thread to be not only educational, but uplifting...