1. MichaelSlaays

    Having Trouble Finding a Character

    I've always enjoyed the Injustice series more than MK. I played a TON of Injustice 2 (mostly Robin). I'm currently having trouble finding a character that fits that playstyle. Is there any character in MK11 that has that sort of mix-up, footsie playstyle? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hankiro

    Exploring DP MB

    Hard knockdown, you sacrifice damage for the potential setup but worth it if you can confirm. I'll be posting more later but I have this for now. Delaying the dash on the second setup causes a position reset and you kinda teleport back to same side. Useful or not, it's worth exploring...
  3. KHTC Takgillo

    Robin Swoop whiffing issue

    Despite the fixes Robin received he still has a few whiffing issues especially with his swoop move that leave him punishable. Swoop mb can whiff on hit in the corner vs Batman as seen in this video Swoop whiff on the female characters If they press any button and some male too leaving you...
  4. Hankiro

    Punishing Joker's Wakeup - 11/13/17 Patch

    Unfortunately we've yet to find a gravity punish that prevents him from doing it but there are easy, meterless, big damage ways around it that'll prevent them from doing it again. Just ideas of course and you can pretty much improvise and still get big damage.
  5. MasonBc

    Sick interactable combos from Impulse #bonehawks

    Don't know if anybody will see this but Patient-Impulse/ babyseal-pan has a list of insane interactable combos. All credit goes to him for finding these. #bonehawks Definitely check out his channel. red hood: cheetah: firestorm: superman: Brainiac: Scarecrow: Flash: Robin: Catwoman:
  6. bcfighting

    TOMORROW! [TEASER] BCF2: Injustice 2 Show Matches feat. Slayer, Han Rashid, Awesomo, & Krayzie

    Body Count Fighting 2 (BCF2) will feature some of the best talent in Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, and Tekken 7 in a series of exhibition/show matches. Matches include: Princess Ling vs. SperoGin in a Tekken 7 Feature Match, Awesomo vs. Krayzie in an Injustice 2 Feature Match, LowTierGod vs...
  7. bcfighting

    Injustice 2 Training Session with Krayzie (Catwoman) & Cheeko (Batman) - The Lab

    Krayzie (Catwoman) and Cheeko (Batman) stop by the Body Count Fighting studio to lab Injustice 2 in preparation for Body Count Fighting 2 (BCF2) on Thursday, July 27, 2017. Watch Krayzie play Awesomo (Robin) live July 27, 2017 at 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET on or...
  8. bcfighting

    BCF2 Training Session with Awesomo (Robin) & Guamo (Poison Ivy) - The Lab

    Awesomo (Robin) and Guamo (Poison Ivy) stop by the Body Count Fighting studio to lab Injustice 2 in preparation for Body Count Fighting 2 (BCF2) on Thursday, July 27, 2017. Watch Awesomo play Krayzie (Catwoman) live July 27, 2017 at 6:00PM on or...
  9. Nexallus

    All of Robin's Whiffing Issues in One Video

    I know I said One video but then I realized that the worst whiff issue was not included in the video, so I went and made a short one on it. The credit to this video goes to a guy I know as Ree. The point of these are to draw attention to the fact that Robin has a lot of what seems to be...
  10. Socal__Sean

    Robin's 212 string whiffs point blank.

    Lots of characters in this game have low hurtboxes when they duck. The second hit of Robin's 212 string will whiff against the following character's at close range. Swamp Thing Catwoman The Flash Aquaman Supergirl Batman Cheetah Black Canary Scarecrow Bane (goes right through his head!?!?)...
  11. K

    Green arrow Vs Robin

    I have been playing green arrow for a good while now and i am doing fine with him but every time my opponent plays robin and they are semi decent I just can't get in close enough to hit him so, does anyone have any solutions to this?
  12. Jinxd4Ev3r

    Robin Oki Tech

    There's an advantageous way Robin has to OKI just about every wakeup in the game. It involves high gravity 212 situations. The easiest way to test it yourself is to do this is training. f3 3xxdb2mb 212xxdb1 The birdarang will hit almost every wakeup after invincibility frames and allow you to...
  13. SaSSolino

    Robin Restand Trait Set Up

    I'm not sure if it was known already or even useful at all, but I found this thing while I was messing with Robin in the lab.
  14. Misky

    Dr. Fate... What can we do about his wake up?

    Is there literally anything we can do about him waking up with that god damn annoying wake up? It seems like he can just spam it and continue to get away with it. I feel like it seriously needs to be punishable on whiff or block because at the minute it feels like I can't do anything but cry...
  15. JDE

    Robin's gap between MB Divekick.

    I'm not sure if this was mentioned or not, but while in the lab, I tested this further with every character. The Ex divekick is safe at -6 & creates distance between him & his opponent. Every character can interrupt him if the player makes the read & dash over behind him. Harley Quinn is the...
  16. Fayaz

    Wakeup Corner Pressure w/ trait (could be old, but its good damage/keeps them cornered and pressured

    Messing around with red trait/corner pressure and wakeup nonsense and did the combo in the first vid, then figured I should try to mess around with the blue trait as well. I posted both to see the differences as well as what I did. RED TRAIT BATARANG Setup: F212 212xxDB4(close) F2D3xxDB2 EX...
  17. GS_Zodiac

    Robin Match up analysis- video thread

    I'm not sure of a good way to make this professional, but I figured we'd need this thread eventually so here we are
  18. Fayaz

    54% 1 Bar Standing reset (Requires the Evasive Swoop Ability)

    So I'm not really sure if this will be useful because I don't know how tournaments will play with the abilities and gear in this game. But I just unlocked this ability and was labbing it and it seems pretty damn good. This combos is probably far from optimized because I was just messing around...