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FrozenWorm's MKDA + MKTE Kombo Video

Actually it's a trailer, the real video is not ready yet, but I wanted to show this trailer to all of you if anyone haven't seen it by now...

Anyways, I want to ask if anyone want to help with juggle ideas and stuff to make the final version better.


Ehhh... I would like to hear opinions about this ok? :wink:
It looks harder to get nice big damage combos then it is to do one or two move infs. Some of the infinites at the end look ridiculously easy.


I think those infinites are blockable once you hit the ground, we can test this out if you want to add me on MSN.

That Kitana one looks like its blockable.

Good job on finding these.

Didn't think the GBA MK DA has juggles.

Everything is unblockable, but it depends... maybe Shang Tsung can block some of the juggles that's why I dont do anything against him... still everything is unblockable after the initial hit. and most of the juggles were NOT easy... you should try do something...

If anyone has any ideas or want to help please contact me [email protected]
Yeah, those juggles really weren't easy looking. It's good to see a combo vid for this game.
I smiled when I saw Shang Tsung Morph in an MKDA game!

Yes, somehow this MKDA version is more "classic"... first it has the intro written as in classic old MK games :D

Plus Shang Tsung can actually morph, and with a lot of possibilities, it has a lot of bugs :shock: you have a lot of juggles to do starting with a JK... :eek: plus is actually a 2D MK... 8)

I really like MKTE, better than MKArmageddon I can tell you that :wink:

Hahaha... thanks Scheisse it was indeed a hard work to learn this gameplay and discover most of this juggles... plus a lot of time to record them all... still I want to finish it as a complete kombo video, I want it to have everything cool from this two games... hope I can :D

MKK hanzo

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Yes. After he send me the vid along time ago I tested all in my 2 gba and they are unblockable.

I sadly lost those CD that Frozen gave me so I could not return them to him an his HD crashed... :cry:

So you don't have those clips anymore? I miss my MK4 (GBC) juggles... I edited a lot of juggles for different MK games and you were my last hope to make a video using that material Hanzo, you're sure you don't have anything of my material? if you do, please upload it... because at the end it's not for me but for the MK comunity that I want to create MK videos you know...

Well... thanks anyway...