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    Here's something that wrote about 7-10 years ago about a girl I went to high school with but I'm a totally different person now.

    My manga however, I'm on the wrong laptop to share parts of it.
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    Keep writing, Revy. I'd post something new, but i've been too busy editing earlier work. I will eventually though. I have 2 story ideas demanding to be written.
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    Has anyone made any writing progress? I finished looking over my novel for the third time. It'll need another look. But I'm getting tired. Editing 425 pages takes a while. I don't even want to look at the thing for a month. Started something new finally. It's about a serial killer in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2112. I have it taking place in Lynn Valley. Got some cool characters. Need to figure out how shit is going to go down. By the end of the story, the serial killer basically becomes a mass murderer. I have to work on it. Later.
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  5. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    why not post them ON this site?
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    Well I did, didn't I?
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  7. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    hmmm.. I guess you did in a way... but what I mean is that a site like TYM could use some actual writers who are producing articles and opinion pieces... like a actual news site. Your articles would look good featured on the front page and possibly even look nice on a resume for latter, as blogs are not as cred worthy as a public information site.
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    No employer in the world would care if I put "TYM posted my hot takes" on my resume. No offense to TYM, but it is what it is.
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  9. Baconlord


    Ok I can't take it anymore i have to get this off my chest. Everytime I read the title for this thread I can't help but scream "WE SALUTE YOU!" in my head
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  10. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    incorrect. Blogs.. yes.. they have no meaning other than writing examples.. but a public site your not affiliated with can and should be referenced. You only need to show a body of work at a job interview. Get a list of sites with actual articles on it.. that counts.. your mad if you think it doesn't.
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  12. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

  13. Dyzvhtynzal

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    Good stuff. I read it all. I could see a few instances of misspellings and questionable grammar here and there, but it seemed pretty solid overall. Keep writing.
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    I like your analysis a whole lot sir. There is a disheartening trend in comic books of Superman writers telling worn out explicit story arcs lacking the thematic depth of of other DC characters. Supes vs The Elite was such a breath of fresh air, really showed the potency the character still has when placed in the right hands.
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  15. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    "What's so funny about truth justice and the American way" would make a perfect "ship righting" film for the DC Movie Universe. IMO, this is the film that should be for the next Superman story. It's themes match so perfectly with the feelings of many DCmu watchers concerning the dark and unhero like actions shown so far.

    Thanks man. There is a number of other comic stuff on there. I haven't done any in a long time and they (imo) increase in quality as they go...

    I like

    I sorta stopped as I never got ANY feedback. Hardly anyone has even clicked them.. I do not know how blogging works or how you get them out there. Maybe I need to move to a different blog platform or turn them into youtube videos or something.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I liked your one as well. I only didn't comment as I didn't know what to say. It is a pretty bizarre piece if you ask me lol. Yet, it was easy to read and clear. I thought it was cool.
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  16. Dyzvhtynzal

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    I'll read those additional pieces when I get home from work, Jynks. I didn't say, but I liked the comic piece as well. I didn't comment cuz I don't know a whole lot about the subject. I could pretend to know, but that's not my style.

  17. Dyzvhtynzal

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    I read the four reviews. I don't read comics much, but they were interesting. I always thought my work might be suitable to a graphic novel or something, but I can't draw people or animals, so that's a big problem.
  18. Dyzvhtynzal

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    Anybody have some new material to read? I've been doing a crazy amount of editing lately, but I did get a chance to throw the first chapter of something twisted together. If you're interested let me know. It has a lot of cringe in it, but I trying to fix it up. :)
  19. Onilordasmodeus

    Onilordasmodeus My GT: UncappedWheel82

    I don't have anything new. I do have some stuff from years ago related to the Netherrealm, and some unfinished works regarding Scorpion pre Mythologies.

    Netherrealm Story:

    [Unfinished] Scorpion Story:

    And here is a story that is more current, but still years old. It was a short fun crossover story that I did of MK and Prototype.

    Currently I'm thinking about doing a overview of the One Being, and how he/she could be tied into MK11. I think there is a lot to theorize there about dreams and whatnot; who is in control here? And what is their role in the MKU could be.
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  20. Dyzvhtynzal

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    Stories were pretty good.
    In the first story, I thought the mace was destroyed, then it comes back. Did I miss something?
    I didn't care for the first chapter of the second story, but the second chapter was interesting. Your fight scenes are pretty lengthy though. Just sayin.
    I liked the last story with Mercer the least, but it was still okay.

    I saw a lot of spelling errors and maybe a few grammar errors, but nothing that detracted from any enjoyment.

    Keep writing. Maybe I'll post my chapter in a few days.
  21. Onilordasmodeus

    Onilordasmodeus My GT: UncappedWheel82

    Thanks for the feedback. I haven't looked at or read those in a long while. But yeah, thinking back, those earlier stories were me at my wordiest. It's a real skill to be concise and to the point, but still be interesting.
  22. CalebHara

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    Definitely more adult, definitely more morbid in tone. I think most casual readers will have their hands full trying to cope with some of the strangeness but there's definitely an audience for stuff like this. As far as the writing I like what you're doing, your word choice is nice, and the characters are almost immediately interesting. When you're taking your time it's some pretty sharp stuff. I would say that there are areas where you should probably embellish a bit, or go into a deeper explanation to make things more clear, or make things flow. It seems like there are times when you lay out a thought in words that you understand clearly, but odds are your reader won't have the superb imagination that you do.
  23. Dyzvhtynzal

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    Thanks, CalebHara.

    A lot more will be explained as the story continues, and I have a lot of explaining to do. :) Right now I want the reader to wonder what happened to the kids that went in the room. I already know what happened to them, lol, but that's the main thing I wanted the reader to focus on. The whole masturbation scene is something I also wanted the reader to think about. Ricky doesn't need to do it, but I wanted the reader to think about the possible connection to magic(which I read at some point years ago), as well as, the possibility Scarlet is making up the whole thing- an angle I have thought about taking to build tension between her and Lakken.

    I have a lot to deal with. Even the Vocordex comes back into play at some point-that fuckin thing lol.

    Another issue is - do I now have to keep the same intensity the entire way through the story- with more and more bizarre scenes? Will the reader always be comparing what he/she is currently reading to scene in the bedroom?

    Well I gotta dish out 40+ murders somehow, so I got that.

    Should be fun thinking up strange ways to kill people.

  24. Dyzvhtynzal

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    I'll repost story when i've made more progress
  25. KingKhrystopher

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    Writing... oh my.
    I used to write a ton. I used to get so caught up in different ideas and stories and all that. Fantasy, with Magic and Monsters and Wizards, Sorcerers, etc. were so much fun for me to write. But then I started to get down on myself, wanting to create the best thing possible and knowing that what I was creating was probably never going to be as iconic as, say, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Percy Jackson, etc. So I would quit.
    Then months later, I would come back with a different idea. But that idea met the same fate.
    Then another, and another, until now, when I've all but given up. The INTP profile page was not lying at all about me.

    The most recent idea that I had I believe was my most "worthy." It was thought out over several months, and I devised every character to serve a given purpose. But someone asked me to send them the outline I wrote for the 1st book, and I never heard back from them. If that's not a, "Wow, this sucks and I'm not even gonna respond to you because I don't wanna tell you how bad this is," then I have no idea what is.
    And then there are all sorts of flaws within the outline. It's not even cohesive and doesn't even have half of what I want to happen in the book. It's not even really an outline, more like a bunch of sentences grouped together in a paragraph that convey in simple terms what I would have happen in that given scene. And the second flaw is that I don't have half of what I want to happen in the book in the "outline." I only wrote the major things there. And I don't know how many books I want to write, and I haven't made outlines for the other books that I want to write, even though I know what I want to happen.
    I've since settled for rebranding the characters as characters for an upcoming MOBA known as Ethereal. They have a section where you can submit ideas for characters that you want to see in the game, and I've done those characters and put them there.

    If anyone does care to read the outlines/character descriptions and all that I've written I'll share them. They just probably won't make too much sense lol.

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