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Yeah, I was just discussing the meterless game. Also, when you don't have meter, I think just getting the knockdown can lead to some damage. Dat Flash Oki. I think there's some potential with J3 crossups since he can't trait out.


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Read through this whole thing just now and I still don't really have a great idea of what to do against Hawkgirl. It seems like everything she does is safe, and I have a hard time maintaining pressure due to her d1 and mace charge getting her out of trouble. I've come up with a few things, but in general the matchup seems to not only difficult, but awkward, as it almost completely changes the way I play.Many HGs like to wake up with mace charge, naturally since it's safe on block. Two ways I have to deal with it are 1) MB F3, delay the release slightly so the charge hits you during the animation, thus giving it armor, though an mb charge can break this, in which case 2) Flying Uppercut hits as she flies back for the charge, stuffing it entirely, but not nearly as much damage. Also, if she tries one in the corner, a neutral j1 will blow it up before it even comes out, feel free to punish with corner shenanigans or trait combos.

So while I learned how to deal with her wakeup game, it's her own pressure that I really struggle with. I'll be the first to admit that my ability to block and be patient needs improvement, but I don't really know when to open her up. Her zoning doesn't really bother me so much, since I can just shake through/duck it and LC/Uppercut to punish. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also suck against nightwing's staff stance, and apparently I'm not the only one. I end up relying on mb f3/b3s to armor through some of his quick poke attempts, but staff spin breaks right through the armor, and flying grayson just flys right on through. Speaking of which, that move has a bizarre hitbox. I jumped an FG attempt while in trait and still got hit by it when I dashed in to punish. Right now I pretty much try and abuse him as much as possible while he's in escrima, then play safe against the staff with a life lead. But if anyone has any tips on how to beat out his mid range game, I'm all ears.

Long post I know, but one final note. On the pre FR LBSH podcast, Brady said something to the effect of a 6-4 matchup means that the advantaged character still has to outplay their opponent in order to win(at the highest possible level). By that logic, no way flash has any actual "bad matchups." Some might require more patience/different gameplan, but nothing that he can't deal with. With respect to this thread I'm probably just beating a dead horse, but I'm up way too late and just rambling.
I still consider Hawkgirl a tough match, but it is definitely a matchup that I cannot learn in theory crafting since I really do not know the character enough. I think she just changes how flash has to approach more than anything which is awkward. PPJ and Trepound wreck me with HG so far, but I do not think I would let that last.

NW is a tough match up too, but it is similar to aquaman. You take the damage when you can and really focus on resetting to neutral. It is very hard to compete against either up close without frame advantage.


Man, this sounds bad, but I really need help with Superman.

I feel like I lose in every part of the screen except for in his face (which is the area I don't really like being against anyone). Do you guys just rush him the fuck down?

@AK Harold
Pretty much just rush him down or try to bait out a f23 for a whiff punish. Also punish his meterless air lasers with bf2 but if you're playing a good supes they would already know this. I don't get to play a lot of good superman players anymore. The last really good one I played with Flash was @Compbros