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  1. D7X


    It's been a while since i've been on this site, and i want to make a final updated Reptile Nimble guide before the game dies for MK11. Not sure where else to post it. This guide focuses ONLY on Nimble. I only posted Nimble combos so this assumes you know something about the game.

    - Solid mixups
    - Very good damage
    - Great staggers
    - Good zoning
    - Good setups (In most matchups)
    - Great counter zoning
    - Good wakeups
    - Weak anti airs
    - Cannot handle characters with fast teleports well
    - Has a hard time vs characters who can low profile

    - s2: A great stagger. s2 into D3 works very well as it is -1
    - s1: Another great stagger. It is +2 so use it to your advantage
    - B3: I find staggering b3 is good, but it's reactable. Most people will not expect it in my experience.
    - D3: A great low poke. Use it during pressure
    - D4: Kind of stubby for a D4, and 12f of startup. But it is a neutral LOW. Definitely use this to check run ins
    - D1: Use this instead of D3 when the opponent has a low crushing move, or when D3 won't reach
    - s3/s4: Both +2 but highs. I'll get into s4 pressure later ;)
    - F21 1+3: Your best forward advancing string. Use it to your advantage! It's unsafe but hitconfirmable. If your opponent blocks, hit confirm into Claw Swipe (DB2)
    - F412: Your main combo starter. It is a hit confirmable mid into overhead, and where you get your big boy damage from.
    - B1D4: A high into low. Special cancelable, but unsafe if your opponent reacts to it. You can do B1D4~Pounce which will sometimes punish people for trying to punish it.
    - 21: One of his most underrated strings. It's a high +2 stagger
    - B34: A great low armor breaking move. Amazing on oki and has a good hitbox and range. Be careful as some characters can punish it. It also low profiles some moves like Liu's exDB2
    - F41: Kind of a gimmick. But if the opponent doesnt know the MU, stagger this. As it is reactable.
    - F3B4: Catches back dashes, but it is punishable.
    - Forceballs: These are fantastic for changing the pace of the match. Mix up your options with slow and fast forceball. These have a slow start up (if not meterburned), so use with caution against characters who can react to them and punish (eg Scorpion, displacer, ermac, etc.) You can stop these forceballs for a bar to catch jumpers and for setups.
    - Slide: Great for going under high projectiles but does not low profile mids.
    - ex Slide: 5f startup with armor. Great for counter zoning and for wakeups
    - Acid Spit: High projectile. Good for anti airing people who jump over forceballs. 16f of startup
    - Acid Puddle: Still haven't found a use for this that's practical.
    - Klaw Pounce (ex): Very good for counter zoning but it's death on whiff. 1 hit of armor if meterburned and safe on block.
    - Klaw Swipe: Safe (-6) special. Good for enders and hitconfirming (not a HKD)
    - Reptilian Dash: One of my favorites. Good meterless wakeup, but risky as it can be stuffed. 8 frames of startup, little whiff recovery so it's good for closing in space. EX version launches
    - Basilisk: Your best friend. Slow motion boys :)

    - F412~BF2 21 123 DD3
    - F412~BF2 NJP Run F41 F41~DD3
    - (on block, midscreen and corner
    ) s4~DD3ex <--- Plus on block
    - B1D4~DF3 Deep NJP, Dash 21 21 F41~DD3
    - F412~Dash 141 D3 F412~DD3ex

    NIMBLE COMBOS (what you really came here for lol)
    - Corner to Corner: F412~DD3ex F2~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~BF4 F4~BF4 F412~Slide (45%)
    - Mid Screen to corner: F412~DD3ex F2~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~Spit F4~Spit F41~Forceball D2 F412~Slide (49%)
    - Midscreen: B1D4~DF3 Deep NJP, DD3ex F4~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~Slide F4~BF2 F4~Slide F41~Slide (44%)
    - Midscreen: (Nimble Setup) > B2 F4~Spit Run F4~Spit Run F4~Dash F4~Slide F41~Slide (46%) Credit to ILGENOWSKI
    - Midscreen: (Nimble Setup) > B34 F4~Spit Run F4~Spit Run F4~Slide F412~Slide (45%) Credit to ILGENOWSKI
    - Corner to Corner: F211+3ex DD3ex Slide F4~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~BF2 F4~Slide F4~Slide F412~Slide (46%)
    - Corner: (Nimble Setup) > B2 Spit F4~Spit F4~Spit F4~Forceball D2 F412~Slide (52%)
    - Corner: (Nimble Setup) > B34 F4~Spit F4~Spit F4~Forceball D2 F412~Slide (49%)
    - Corner: (Nimble Setup) > B2 Spit (x5) F412~Slide - Unbreakable combo
    - Corner: B1D4~DF3 Deep NJP, DD3ex F4~Spit F4~BF2 F4~Spit F4~Spit F4~DB3 D2 F412~Slide (51%)
    - Corner: F412~DD3ex F4~Spit F4~BF2 F4~Spit F4~Spit F4~Forceball D2 F412~Slide (54%)
    - Corner: F211+3ex DD3ex F4~Spit F4~BF2 F4~Spit F4~Spit F4~Forceball D2 F412~Slide (59%)


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  2. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    I've been playing some Mortal Kombat X to make the wait for MK11 a little easier, and I'm thinking about learning some characters I kinda ignored during MKX's lifespan. Unfortunately, one of those was Reptile. I really think that he has some of the least creative Variations in this game, and I think it's a shame. Since it seems that he has a pretty good chance of being back in MK11, I hope NRS can do him justice this time -- and if they don't I will -- with Custom Variations!

    Thanks for the guide, I'll take a good look at it when I go into MKX training mode later tonight or tomorrow!
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  3. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    Very good guide, short and straight to the point. Also really loved your 100% setup. Just to point out: While Reptile's is one of the harder characters to use Anti-Airs, he still has some decent AA moves. His uppercut is one of the better ones in the game. Also his Zoning is actually awesome, along with his mobility.

    Overall very good guide dude :)

    Reptile's Variations are exactly as they should be. NRS clearly decided those Variations for Reptile so they can keep him as versatile as he can in all of his Variations, as Reptile was a versatile jack of all trades in every game he was playable, and the way they did it was very creative. They don't need to do him justice, because they already did him just that. Also I'm sure he will be back for MK11, and if he gets those Variations or similar ones, that will be awesome.
  4. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    The idea of keeping him versatile in all of his Variations isn't a bad idea, but I found his Variations to be almost low effort and lacking and creativity. Noxious is basically just a move that Solomon Grundy had in Injustice, Deceptive is literally just his Invisibility that I feel he should have had in all Variations, and Nimble is just The Flash's trait from Injustice.

    It just doesn't feel like they created anything unique for his Variations, instead just taking things from his core moveset (invisibility) or taking things from their previous game and turning them into Variations.

    Then in story mode he was treated as just a jobber again and his entire arc keeps getting pushed to the side. I also wasn't that big of a fan of his costumes and new voice, but that's just me personally.

    With everything I mentioned above I really do think that Reptile deserves more, especially being one of the original characters. That's coming from someone who really liked Reptile in MK9 and tried hard to like him in MKX. With that being said, I'm prepared to give him another look and to learn him again. I'm just hoping that he'll be a little better in MK11.
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  5. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    What the hell are you talking about? Steve Blum gave a perfect voice for Reptile, that's how Reptile should sound. And in the story mode he wasn't a jobber at all, as Kotal Kahn already showed to treat Reptile with respect and Reptile was featured in less fights anyway, just like Ermac, Ferra/Torr and Baraka. And his costumes looked awesome, all of them looked cool.

    And back to the topic, Reptile's Variations do have effort, but from a different perspective. Yes the are not build in the same way as other characters and their Variations, but that makes Reptile himself as a character unique among the roster. The Variations can alter a character's gameplan from very little to very much, it's not just making the Variations super different, as we can see with other characters, and Reptile is unique in that all of his Variations change his gameplan just a little, and then when you go deeper with his Variations, you can clearly see the real differences between each Variation. Noxious is the most versatile of the 3, with basis on Zoning, meter less combos, chip damage and Knockdown setups, Deceptive is still versatile but with focus on invisible mixups and pressure, and Nimble is once again versatile with more focus on Rushdown and super damaging combos.

    Reptile already got the right treatment that he needs. Of course he can different treatment, but that's the key word, DIFFERENT, not better, because it's already good, which is what all the characters got. Reptile is fine.
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  6. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    I think Steve Blum is a good voice actor (he does Sub-Zero who I think sounds fine), but I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who thought Reptile's voice sounded a little weird. I remember when he was revealed there were a fair amount of people saying that.

    A jobber in MK games are characters that doesn't really contribute to the story and never really have a moment either. When did Reptile have his moment? Literally his only role in the game was the get beat up. It doesn't matter if Kotal respects him and Reptile is rolling with him now, at the end of the day he never had HIS moment and yes, his arc was pushed to the side again.

    That's cool, I only mentioned that I personally didn't care for them much.

    Like I already explained, the design philosophy of Reptile's Variations are completely fine. What his Variations do to contribute to his moveset and gameplay isn't the issue that I had with it, it was the fact that they didn't even build anything new for him. There are ways that they could have made similar Variations but actually gave him something new vs. recycling things from old games and pretending like it's hype.

    Fair enough, but keep in mind that since everything we are talking about is subjective you could technically argue that Reptile isn't fine.

    It seems clear to me that we aren't going to agree and I don't wait to derail this topic, so I'm going to have to end this discussion here. In conclusion, I really like Reptile as a character but I found him to be lacking on almost every front in MKX. I feel like he needs some serious changes, and even if those changes aren't "better" but just "different", he needs them.
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  7. D7X


    His anti airs would be decent if jump ins in this game weren't so dumb lol
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  8. D7X


    Nimble is the most in depth and creative variation ive ever played in NRS games
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  9. D7X


    Added match footage to the OP. ;)
  10. Wam-Zlay

    Wam-Zlay Noob / Reptile / Grodd / Sub Zero

    I still like all variations of Reptile and had lots of fun playing him. I hope he will be back for mk11.

    Thanks for this guide. it has everything you need to get started with nimble :)
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  11. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    This will be my last comment on the matter as well.

    The way you described the term "jobber" doesn't fit Reptile at all, as he did contributed to the story by mentioning the fact that Mileena isn't Shao Kahn's true heir, favoring Kotal Kahn's case of ruling Outworld instead of Mileena, and his arc story was further explained in the MKX comic that were not fully canon but still semi canon, with Reptile's story in particular being clearly canon with the game. Not to mention that a several other characters in the game had more or less the same treatment in the story, yet they were not jobbers. Not every character is gonna get the same treatment every single time, that doesn't mean they are left out. And of course it does matter that Kotal respects Reptile.

    And as for the voice, I know that Reptile's voice is awesome and I myself heard people praising Reptile's voice in the game.

    And back to the actual topic, it doesn't matter which moves Reptile has and hasn't, or if they were taken from other characters or not. A very similar case was for the Ninjas in the old MK games, where certain moves were shared among the Ninjas like how the Slide is shared between Reptile and Sub-Zero, and that is true the newer MK games as well, and now those moves Reptile keeps the versatility aspect of his gameplan that is fine. Once again NRS made a wonderful job of making Reptile unique among the cast, he is not lacking at all. I know this for a fact after learning him and grinding him for the last 4 years in MKX.

    The fact that you saying these stuff, as well as bringing the topic of the lore and presentation to a thread that is supposed to be all about gameplay, well, let me just say that I'm no stranger to internet talkers popularity bandwagons.

    Reptile is as good in MKX as he is in all of the other games.
  12. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    Yes jump ins are stronger in this game but Reptile still has answers for them.
  13. D7X


    Like what? Anti airing characters like mileena and sub is a joke with reptile lol. Also jump in kicks are a struggle too
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  14. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    Like I said, Reptile's D2 is one of the better uppercuts in MKX, also his NJK4 is great against almost all air moves. That's because NJK4 has a lot of active frames. For Sub-Zero in particular, Reptile can answer his FJ4 with NJP2 (and convert to a full combo off of it), NJK4 or D2, and as for Sub's Cross Jump 1, Reptile's NJK4 can do the trick and even S1 can be good and convert to a full combo. As for Mileena, her FJ1, which is her best jump normal, can be AA'd with D2, NJK4, NJP2 (full combo) and even S3 that can convert to Klaw Pounce.

    I've made this video 2 years ago, to show how you can Anti-Air with Reptile every single air move that might be problematic to Anti-Air, with taking at least one air move from every character in the game, including some Cross-Up jump attacks and a few Teleport ones. Here is the full list, also you can see at the right corner of the screen which air normal is used by the training dummy. Also I know that there are some bad editing issues in this video, it was a very difficult vid to make and it actually took me 2 days to finish it. But the time stamps should help:

    0:00 - Alien
    0:14 - Jason Voorhees (Slasher Variation Only)
    0:21 - Kung Lao (including Teleport Attacks)
    1:16 - Jax (including Cross-Up)
    1:34 - Sonya
    1:41 - Kenshi (including Possessed Teleport)
    2:00 - Kitana
    2:07 - Scorpion
    2:17 - Sub-Zero (including Cross-Up)
    2:51 - Mileena
    3:06 - Takdea (including Cross-Up)
    3:26 - Cassie Cage
    3:36 - Kung Jin
    3:53 - Tanya (FJP2 on Forward Jump and Teleport)
    4:24 - Jacqui Briggs (including Cross-Up)
    4:43 - Bo' Rai Cho
    5:09 - Leatherface (including Cross-Up)
    5:28 - Predator
    5:48 - Shinnok (Impostor Shinnok only)
    6:02 - Kano
    6:14 - Johnny Cage (including Cross-Up)
    6:44 - Erron Black (including Cross-Up)
    6:53 - Liu Kang
    7:22 - Ermac (including Cross-Up)
    8:25 - Reptile
    8:38 - Ferra/Torr
    9:00 - D'Vorah
    9:16 - Raiden
    9:20 - Quan Chi
    10:06 - Goro
    10:18 - Tremor (including Cross-Up)
    11:46 - Tribrog (forward jump attacks only)

    I didn't include Kotal Kahn's Forward Jump Punch 1, any of Shinnok's forward universal jump attacks or Triborg's NJP attacks because I've made separated videos specifically for them:

    Kotal Kahn (Forward Jump 1):

    Shinnok (all universal forward jump attacks)

    Triborg (NJP1 and NJP2 across all of Triborg's Variations):

    Hopefully I've showed how you can AA with Reptile.
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  15. D7X


    d00d anyone can AA in practice. Big difference. Especially when you're using s3 and spit on reaction
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  16. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    I can tell you from experience in actual matches that with Shinnok, for one, both D2 and NJK4 are very helpful for Impostor's teleport. It helps a lot in the MU. And yes all of this is shown in practice mode, but it's not super complicated and you can get them in real matches after some practice. I went after every option that Reptile has to make sure it's right.
  17. D7X


    Nah u aint consistently anti airing some characters online against good to top players.. from experience..
  18. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    I've played against some very good players myself and it did work for me. I didn't had a chance to use it on pros (and I've faced several of them, and it's not that I was afraid it wasn't gonna work or something, it's just how the matches went) but the players I did were very good themselves.
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  19. Second Saint

    Second Saint A man with too many names.

    Coin Flip
    Thanks for this guide. A lot of people from my local scene are picking up MK X now, and I've been helping them learn. I don't know how to play Reptile beyond "stagger f41, maybe throw in a yolo slide here and there, and zone if you can", so I've been linking them your guides.
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  20. Syzoth

    Syzoth The last Saurian from Zaterra - Syzoth - Reptile

    Always been a noxious or deceptive fanboy. But. Since all my muscle memory has grown stale and slow I'm throwing nimble in to the mix as well. Video was well made, thanks for the upload.
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  21. OzzFoxx

    OzzFoxx Hardcore gaming poser.
    Premium Supporter

    Dude, everyday I come to TYM to check what's new and hope for some great content. Usually, there isn't too much, but today I was very impressed by this thread. You really put this together well and got me super hyped about playing MKX, and mk in general. Reviewing the deep level of discoveries you've compiled took me all morning and I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to try them out. Anybody giving you crap is just being annoying; content like this makes TYM one of the best video game forums on the net. Great job, and dude... that corner shit looks fun as hell.
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  22. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    Ah yes, my dear li'l reptile, my dear lovely li'l former main.

    Weakness: No doublehit armor and no plus armor (coupled with no anti-air options, he's weak on defense, in general, so you better be mixing up it up all day long to survive against the big beasts out there)

    Nevertheless, when Ninjakilla fks you in the corner with dragonfire, you will sit there and take it like a good boy (in general).
  23. D7X


    noooo he doesnt have shitty armor at all. His 6f slide is great
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  24. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    Indeed, it's a full screen 3-hit-armor low move, it's the fastest Wakeup/Reversal in the whole game.

    Also his Klaw Pounce is really good.
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  25. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    Saw you getting 10-0'd by ninjakilla last night on his stream. Your struggle in the corner looked real. I was sitting right there too against him a few months ago. I think Onisama managed to pull 1 win (got 9-1'd).
    Would you now agree that he requires a double hit armor or plus armor move?

    I got beaten to death with different characters against him and eventually pulled off a few wins with Displacer Raiden (sparkported out for dear life and cut down his zoning a bit). KillerXinok's tremor can do that to a reptile too. The salt was real and was partly why Reptile became my non-main. lmao.

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