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EVO ESPN2 numbers are in


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If you consider the facts, 201k isn't a bad start.

- First time a fighting game tournament has been on ESPN
- AFAIK, there was little advertisement for it.
- ESPN2 is a pay to watch channel
- It was being multicasted from ESPN2 and Twitch
- Other eSports programming get similar numbers

Factor all this in and 201k isn't too bad, as I said, it's a good start.

High viewership wasn't the intention, imo. It was exposure to wider audience. Yeah, a lot of haters were hating on twitter. But there was also a lot of people interested.

Not to mention it was extremely hype while Joe was still in it. I was cheering for him like I would a sports team.

This is a positive thing. The FGC can only get bigger from here.


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Well, the thing is that the show is a mix of Marco and "real" history. There is in fact not a lot taken form Marco's writing. The show is really about Kublai Khan and much of it comes strait from the history books. Though it is a TV Show, there is a ton of made up stuff.

That is just bullshit on an epic level.
Not going to elaborate on this because it's off topic but it most definitely is true. Look into it yourself.


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"True female power is sexual control"

That's partly true though.
Not going to elaborate on this because it's off topic but it most definitely is true. Look into it yourself.
Yeah and black people are stupid, women are incapable of rational thought and Chinese are bad drivers.

Being racist and sexist is on you man. The problem with the net is that asshats like you can look up anything and find other asshats that agree with you. I can find you pages and pages saying the earth is flat or that Lizards wearing human skins control the government. Doesn't make it true.

The idea of girls having only 1 skill, sexual appeal to men, either through dominance or submissiveness. Is just backward thinking from another time and deserves to be called out for what it is. BULLSHIT.


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This isn't about ESports making it on ESPN, this is about ESPN trying to pivot itself after struggling for years trying to find its place in a post-Internet sports universe.


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Marco Polo, The Americans, and The Leftovers are no were near as good as GoT and numbers aren't as good...

There is absolutely way you can watch The Americans, The Leftovers, and Game of Thrones and come away with the opinion that GoT is better than the other two. I'm calling bullshit on you having watched either of them.