Enchantress, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Atom Revealed for Injustice 2, Fighter Pack 3

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Nov 11, 2017.

By STORMS on Nov 11, 2017 at 12:04 AM

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    Enchantress, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Atom revealed for Fighter Pack 3!!!

    Official Press Release (and trailer) below:


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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Nov 11, 2017.

    1. QueenOmega
      I don't really think japanese people give a fuck about NRS. You know, we are the demonic foreigner and don't have the chackras correctly lined up.
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    2. trufenix
      Can we get a gear tier list going?
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    4. XCVIIDarkTruth
      Excuse me, i was typing fast on my phone, thx for correcting me keyboard warrior. You really saved the world by correcting my grammatical mistakes.
    5. Nobus3r1
      S+: Scarecrow
      S: ---
      A+: Atrocitus
      A: ---
      B+: Everyone not listed in another tier
      B: ---
      C+: Bane

      Bam! Done.
    6. trufenix
      okay, for starters, bane has that one epic mask that makes him look like a guard from Tron and that's one of the most amazing things humanity has ever accomplished, so this list is all wrong.
    7. New York Pizza
      New York Pizza
      Don't let that guy @STORMS make you think you're crazy I definitely see it too.
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    8. Nobus3r1
      That's fair. However, the rest of Bane's gear looks like either bootleg diving equipment or crap that edgelords buy from military surplus stores ergo I stand by my original placement. One good piece cannot salvage an entire designs worth of bad decisions.
    9. ImperatrixSindel
      Nobody has worse gear than Cheetah. Whiners!
    10. Eldriken
      Grodd? lol
    11. Nobus3r1
      Grodd's gear has always weirded me out. With most characters their gear is basically the equivalent of the character putting on a new shirt or a new pair of pants. With Grodd though, it makes me think that we're cutting an apes legs off and then grafting on new ones.
    12. DubiousShenron
    13. ImperatrixSindel
      At least he has real armor instead of gluing bark to his titties.
    14. Zero-Shift
      Not happy about the turtles being in the game. I'm not mad. Nobody's making me buy them. I'm just frustrated by the wasted opportunity...again. You have all these great DC characters waiting in the wings and instead they just throw away four slots on novelty. Three of them already have several games to their brand. Conversely, I can think of a dozen DC characters off the top of my head I'd love to see make a major fighting game debut.

      Honest question. Why are people so excited about Enchantress? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we got her instead of another guest but was she really that well received in Suicide Squad? She's barely been in anything that I can recall until that movie came out.
    15. Swindle
      No one bitches when it's MvC, but when NRS does it... :/
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    16. QueenOmega
      I personally choose my characters by look. I like how she's looking, i don't give a shit about this superhéroe trend. And another female is always good in an NRS game, which are always a sausage fest.
    17. trufenix
      Is that what's going on in MVCI? It honestly looks so shitty I had no clue, I thought it was a really average racing game.
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    18. Briggs8417
      TMNT is about to be hype af.
    19. Swindle
      It is certainly more fun if you play it that way.
    20. PetulantWaste

      "That's messed up brah"
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    21. PetulantWaste
      This would be the best fighter pack of all time. Bugs main btw.
    22. SM StarGazer
      SM StarGazer
      How bout no...
    23. Darth-Nero
      So happy to see many Donatello fans here, i've always been the weird kid when everyone and their sisters are Leo and Raph fans while i was day 1 Donatello main. Best fighter pack so far.
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    24. Dizzy
      Totally off topic so you prob should have made a different thread, but I know several Japanese NRS players, they traveled to EVO 2 years ago for MKX. If you have a Twitter I can put you in contact with them, they don't post or have TYM accounts I think.
    25. XCVIIDarkTruth

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