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D'Vorah Kombat Kast Recap. Gameplay Thoughts/Analysis


Shirai Ryu
King of Edenia, Father of Kitana, Married to Sindel, Alpha Soul ln Ermac. Jerrod is probably the most important non playable (technichally playable through Ermac) and more relevant that multiple playable ones.
I'm aware of who Jerrod is, but the fact he isn't playable and is rarely mentioned in the games makes him a minor character.
Great Kung Lao is a more relevant minor character than him.
I started thinking maybe it’s meant to be more of a corner tool. Even with the shitty midscreen range (pun intended!), it helps protect her from retaliation, it’s just not helpful for continued pressure. But in the corner? Holy shit...
Well, if it is designed with a very specific application in mind, 1) they sold it about as poorly as a new such an ability could be sold (*they messed up its exhibition repeatedly), 2) they 'forgot' to make any allusion to its "corner-centric" application, and 3) its "slots" related balance is busted in utero -- no one will equip such a rigid ability beyond novelty application, nor likely use a pertaining fixed "variation" based around it.

To be honest, given how increasingly / ingravescently(?) projectile-heavy MK11's gameplay has looking it could end up being, I don't see many potential issues associated with, say, a half-screen-range pooping bug projectile. It's better that they err on the side of making the tool useful -- than useless, and risk squashing it dead in its larval stage. I want to see the game take some risks and be enjoyable, than be some "perfectly balanced" coma inducer.

Moreover, this serves as another example of why "kasual" modes NEED to have freer customisation options (e.g., no "slot" restrictions / only abilities that clash directly are restricted -OR- x6 slots / 50% of full ability repertoire worth of slots per char.) -- so that people are allow reasonable experimentation with the tools they've gone to the trouble of providing us with. With so few slots to avail in the 'meaningless' non-tournament modes, while "competitive" modes are lumbered with MKX ver. 0.95 "variations", many of the characters' otherwise interesting and fun tools will be wasted (just as they were in IJ2).


I wonder how much there is yet to be seen when it comes to D'Vorah. I don't think they showed her flying? It's only visible once in the trailer, right? GI also mentioned how you can drop bug bombs while flying, this also wasn't showed on KK.
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