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Discussion in 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' started by Juggs, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. ThaShiveGeek

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    I was wondering about dragon rush too. I seen Skeer tweet that it can be countered with grab if you block. Another question though... I’ve never played an anime game. How do you Anti air in this game? Lol.
  2. Tanno

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    This is nothing. I did so far 2 impossible comebacks.

    My char got around of 15%, and my opponent had 50% and more HP with each char. My other two chars died, so I had Beerus left. I had to be Beerus to do this impossible comeback.

    2nd one was that I was at the corner with my opponent's pressure. Both of ours other chars died in the progress. He had more like 30%, and I around 5%. I reflexed out his 3-4 attacks, before I switch sides with him and punish him.

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  3. God Confirm

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    thank you!
  4. Juggs

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    Server maintenance?
  5. Notez4

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    Think so
  6. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    Some tips for the beta

    • Learn a Superdash punish, everyone is just spamming it you can just check that bs easy
    • Use Vanish when your opponent uses raw/neutral supers, you can whiff cancel anything into vanish and just dodge almost all Supers. Probably not a good idea against Buu's pink rain or Piccolo's Hellzone
    • Superdash through Beerus's orbs. Everyone wants to use this guy nobody seems to know how yet. Neutral orbs get evaporated by Superdash. Trying to control the neutral without smart assist support is just very easy to deal with. Same goes for Piccolo's Homing Orbs. These things will have their role but optimal use of them will come in time.
    • Use lvl 3 super to easy blow up Cell's teleport
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  7. Had a lot of fun so far, but with no training mode I'm more likely to just wait for the full release. Played ~5 matches and lost pretty hard, but was having fun regardless. Don't know why devs don't want to include a training mode (IJ2 PC beta had the same thing).
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  8. Juggs

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    Yeah, I’m a player very dependent on a training mode. Especially in a game genre I’ve never played before (anime).

    I’m doing pretty good in ranked matches, but it’s just based on my fighting game fundamentals. None of my matches/wins are “good”, it feels like I’m just doing shit lol.

    Also, in one of the discords I’m in (BeyondToxins), someone was using anime notations and it made ZERO sense to me. So to help those new like myself, check out this site: http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Notation

    Love the game so far, just have little idea what the hell I’m doing.
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  9. DarksydeDash

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    Thanks, my dude!
  10. Tanno

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    Some tips from me, as well.
  11. TAKUMA

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    i posted it already in this thread.
    but i think we need a dedicated thread for this though. kinda like a "anime guide for nrs players" lol.
    i play both arcsys and nrs since forever and the only thing holding me back to do this is my bad english.
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  12. BigMacMcLovin

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    Have we got a discord for DBFZ?
  13. TAKUMA

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    u can use tym ;)
    there are a lot of them.
    what do you want to know exactly?
  14. TAKUMA

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    ABACABB End Of Humanity

    I cant play it , it says failed to initialize network . Anyone else have this ?
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  16. Random question: when saying this game's name out loud, is it Dragon Ball Fighters (and the Z is pure decoration), or Dragon Ball Fighter Zee?
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  17. Been like that for me since this morning, shame really was looking forward to trying it. I won't buy the game unless I can test it out first.
  18. BurdaA

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    Yep, same here. Won’t even let me do trials now :(
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  19. BurdaA

    BurdaA VEGETAAAA!!!!

    Lol been wondering that myself, I’ve heard both used....
  20. TAKUMA

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    dont forget guys if u want to get used to anime fighter basics, get an cheap copy of blazblue for instance.
    there u have trials, tutorials and a good practice mode.
    if u guys master bb combos (including jump cancel combos for instance) then ur ready when dbfz comes out.
    i would grind the shit out of blazblue!
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  21. Tanno

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    Or Guilty Gears. Both games come from ASW.
  22. Eldriken

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    Some of these Supers...omfg. They are lit af.
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  23. LiangHuBBB

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    30+ tries, still can't login.
  24. TakeAChance

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    Matchmaking on Xbox One has been terrible so far. Takes forever. It worries me.
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  25. Tanno

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    Same shit as of last night. PS4 here.

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