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Discussion in 'Doctor Fate' started by RexxyC, May 16, 2017.

  1. Invincible Salads

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    traited ankhs or untraited?
  2. legion666

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    A while ago REO posted a video on doing a mix up with Fate off his 112 string. I decided to mess with it a bit. It ends in overhead and 11 is +1 on block. You can even pressure with it because if you do 11 on block, people usually expect the overhead to come and block high, so you can do 11/112 again. You can add his 12 frame D3 into this, so it can catch people off guard when they expect the whole 112 string and you do 11,d3.
    Now if you are in trait and have at least 1 ankh it becomes so much more dangerous. The usual 112 is now way better, because on block you do 112xxdf1,df3 and the ankh drop leaves you plus. On hit you get 112xxdf1, df3, f3,j2,d1xxdb2 for about 380 damage. What is great you can get similar combo by doing d3,df3,f2xxdb2 after 11. You get about 250 damage if the block the 11 and get opened up by d3. This are the basic meterless overhead / low options with 1 ankh, assuming they block 11 and get opened up by either the overhead part of 112 or by d3.

    Low, 1 ankh, meterless

    Overhead, 1 ankh, meterless

    With background bounce it becomes even more fun)


    2 ankhs meterless options

    Low with 2 ankhs, meterless

    Overhead with 2 ankhs, meterless

    With 1 ankh and a bar of meter you can do these

    Low with 1 ankh, 1 bar

    Overhead with 1 ankh, 1 bar

    What do you think guys, will it help mix some people up)?


    Hey all,

    I'm playing my Firestorm friend and it seems near impossible to trade fireballs with him any space other than full screen. And even then its super tight. Any tips on dealing with this? Also if there is a fate mains discord I would love a link. Just trying to learn :)
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    So, apparently, dr fate's projectiles do the same damage as deadshot's sand his mb orb stays like 1 or 2 seconds less on the screen.
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    I was expecting some nerfs TBH. The projectile nerf is whatever but the MB orb nerf is a thing :p

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