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Doctor Fate Combo Thread


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2 air to air combos off j1 that i didn't see in the thread:

first: j1, d2, j2, 2113

second: j1, d2, j2, 11, f2xxdb2

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Found a good combo in trait with the red ankh and f2u3.

I find f2u3 into far ankh on hit to be a hard confirm so instead I do this..

F2u3, fireball, far ankh, fireball (~280 dmg)

If you want to get extra damage, you can mb the last fireball link to send them fullscreen at the end of your combo. The mb fireball ender in this combo is also the best setup for a full screen orb since it's a full screen knockdown with advantage. Definitely send out and orb full screen after you land this combo!

Another variation on the combo that does more damage into a hard knockdown is f2u3, fireball, far ankh, dash forward, f2xxpush. Obviously you can mb the push at the end for more damage and 211 ender.

Let me know if you guys start working this combo in to your game plan
I like this a lot, Iv been using it too


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I like this a lot, Iv been using it too
It is a good combo but I noticed with 2 ankhs it doesn't hit reliably. But I do think it is the best confirm (for me) off of f2u3 in trait.

If you burn a meter on the last fireball link, it sends the opponent full screen, which is HUGE.

I also have some other sick combo tech that I should post up here, including pseudo OS ankh combos.

I'll hit up @LAWisRAWWW and see if he can record some footage for me so I can post it for you guys.


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I didn't see a tech thread or have a video for this, but Dr Fate can combo off a throw tech with 3 regular ankhs. If you land 2 of the 3 ankhs and then go for the throw and they tech it, you'll be pushed back but not knocked down, and your opponent won't be able to block in time and you can get a far F3 combo


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can you control trait spell of judgement anhks distance?
In red mode you can get either close or a "medium" distance. Yellows track decently.

If you do the close one the first ankh closest to you will blow up first, then it goes away for however many you have. If you do medium, the one furthest away will blow up first and then come closer to you.

Hold down 3 to get the medium version FYI.
Some high damage off his b12 starter

1 bar 2 ankhs, 506.06 damage on high defense characters:

Meterless corner combo with 2 ankhs, 570.94 damage:

Same corner combo but with 1 bar of meter does 630.69 damage:

And with 2 bars of meter and 2 ankhs in the corner we get 669.42 damage:
Also here is my post from the general discussion about 11,d3/112 mix
A while ago REO posted a video on doing a mix up with Fate off his 112 string. I decided to mess with it a bit. It ends in overhead and 11 is +1 on block. You can even pressure with it because if you do 11 on block, people usually expect the overhead to come and block high, so you can do 11/112 again. You can add his 12 frame D3 into this, so it can catch people off guard when they expect the whole 112 string and you do 11,d3.
Now if you are in trait and have at least 1 ankh it becomes so much more dangerous. The usual 112 is now way better, because on block you do 112xxdf1,df3 and the ankh drop leaves you plus. On hit you get 112xxdf1, df3, f3,j2,d1xxdb2 for about 380 damage. What is great you can get similar combo by doing d3,df3,f2xxdb2 after 11. You get about 250 damage if the block the 11 and get opened up by d3. This are the basic meterless overhead / low options with 1 ankh, assuming they block 11 and get opened up by either the overhead part of 112 or by d3.

Low, 1 ankh, meterless

Overhead, 1 ankh, meterless

With background bounce it becomes even more fun)


2 ankhs meterless options

Low with 2 ankhs, meterless

Overhead with 2 ankhs, meterless

With 1 ankh and a bar of meter you can do these

Low with 1 ankh, 1 bar

Overhead with 1 ankh, 1 bar

What do you think guys, will it help mix some people up)?

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any advice on how to time the ankhs when your trying to combo off a meterless db2 in trait? i've seen bdon do it, but is it even worht doing or should i just do something else?