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Do you think the next NRS game after MK11, it will be injustice 3?


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Hopefully not. Even though I prefer back to block I have a hard time sticking with Injustice for some reason, maybe because im not a huge comic book fan. I want them take a stab at a horror icon fighter tbh.
The injustice series like it or not, is doing way too good ATM. Its only on its second installment and out selling the likes of SFV and Tekken 7. Allot of other Devs WISH they had two successful game franchises they could rotate in a 4 year cycle as netherrealm do. Keeping the cycle going seems way more beneficial then making just Mk every two years

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Give us extra MK11 kombat packs and then make another fighting game. Mk12, IJ3, MK vs DC2, Horror Game, New Fighting Game, etc. Just please don't spend an entire development cycle making a stand alone action game. There are plenty of great action games already. If they feel the need to expand their universe they should make an open world map (Like Deception Konquest) where the kombat can still be the same fighting engine that they use for the rest of the game.


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MK11 will be a different story because NRS took a bit longer to announce this game, and put more time into it. Uncle JBeezY believes MK11 will pass the 2 year mark. To keep it all the way live, its great Injustice 2 sold great BUT are massive people still playing that game like SFV and Tekken 7? No. MK11 will be that change and im excited for this. Lets focus on supporting this game before we can even think of what will be next.


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I'd like Injustice 3 next year please. Instead of letting the last game die, let's try to support two games for once instead of abandoning them.


It's probably not Mortal Kombat, so I don't really care. Which is fine because MK11 is looking incredible and is all I'll be needing for the foreseeable future.


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You sir, need to just move your ass on up out of here!!

God of War is no "hack n slash" , the last game was GODLIKE and should not be thrown in with the ilk of the previous entries into the series!
I'm clearly not referring to the newest one, sir. That one is in a league of its own.


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I can see the MK to Injustice rotation being the mainstay. As they've been doing so far we get one of these games about every 2 years so we'll most likely see Inj3 by 2021. After that who knows if they'll add a new game or just move forward with MK12. They've been making a killing just off these 2 franchises so i doubt they'll quit anytime soon.


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Two bonus characters, since they did a lot with Spider-Man in the past:

1. Daredevil
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lol it's a close match, but yeah, both rogue galleries are outstanding.

I think Capcom should totally do this.

A new Children of the Atom would be awesome too
I care, and a lot some others too.
If you don't like, why are u here?
Because it seems like you've already written off MK11 and are looking forward to the next one.

Sure it's fun speculating about things, but why not bask in the glory that is MK11 instead of thinking about what's coming next before the current release is even shipped?

MK11 will be a different story because NRS took a bit longer to announce this game,
Hopefully it is a different story, but that's up to the player base to keep it alive as much as the dev's. The fact that there's threads like this doesn't bode well for that.

Also, while they did change their reveal/announce timing, i'm pretty sure their development timeline hasn't changed much. They're working on polishing things up now, most DLC would be locked down, in the final stages. Once MK11 is released, most of the team (art/story/mocap/design etc.) would already be working on the next game. Only people those that need to monitor and work on patches would be actively dealing with MK11.

But given the thread title... i'd like to see a Masters of the Universe fighting game that was discussed sometime ago here on TYM.


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We are getting an Injustice 3 at some point.

I would much rather them finally make a horror fighter to be real.

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Well I reviewed all the comments, extrapolated the data, rerouted the md5#, did science, & found the game most required for NRS to make next is...

Nightwings haunted house lumberjack dating simulator....

I worry about you people.


For mkx, injustice 2 and mk11 soon. Why do you want to think about yet another game?
Just for fun, speculation is the soul of this board.
And man, don't try to control what kind of threads people wants to create.

Don't be a troll, if you don't like this conversation, just ignore. It's easy.
Don't know how true it is but someone once mentioned boon and Co going to Japan to look for possible crossover opportunities but was negatively received due to the high violent nature of mk. Highly doubt this was likely. Wouldn't really want a crossover fighting game tbh.

I would really hope for a spin off adventure game ala Shaolin Monks.

Or better yet.... a Kart racer!
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Real world quess: Injustice 3: Batman edition.

Wish/Dream: Either a character action shaolin monks 2 kind of game. Or something totally new.


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