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Do you think the next NRS game after MK11, it will be injustice 3?


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I wish they'd make something that isn't related to Mortal Kombat or to superheroes. But I'm sure we'll get Injustice 3 because triple A games have so much money involved that it's always played safe. Safe and repetitive.

Also, MK vs DC 2 would suck.


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Batman has amazing characters and the best rogues gallery of all time.
Spider-Man has entered the chat.
Batman has left the chat.

-Red Hood
-Harley Quinn
-Black Mask
-Mr. Freeze
-The Scarecrow
-Ra's al Ghul
-Killer Croc
-Cassandra Cain
-Hugo Strange
-Jane Doe
01. Spider-Man
02. Venom
03. Green Goblin
04. Doctor Octopus
05. Mysterio
06. Kraven The Hunter
07. Rhino
08. Sandman
09. Carnage
10. Kingpin
11. Vulture
12. Shocker
13. Lizard
14. Moebius
15. Spot
16. Jack O' Lantern
17. Scorpion
18. Spider-Slayer
19. Doppelganger
20. Prowler
21. Agent Venom
22. Shrike
23. Silver Sable
24. Spider-Woman
25. Black Cat
26. Silk
27. Spider-Boy (Miles Morales)

Two bonus characters, since they did a lot with Spider-Man in the past:

1. Daredevil
2. Deadpool

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Whatever the case I hope they break the two year cycle. It feels detrimental to the community when when they ditch titles prematurely in anticipation for the next one, regardless of quality. NRS doesn't even have to make announcements at this point, we're just conditioned to expect a new one every two years. Doubt that'll happen though, since from a monetary standpoint their current model works well.


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Marvel vs DC could pull in potential customers that are fans of either series.
People could "fight it out", instead of theory craft: who is the better Super Hero.
Commercially that sounds like a really solid idea already.

Another brand new franchise (Horror Fighting game) / game genre branche off (e.g. Shaolin Monks 2) is more risky, however could also be a huge success. For MK vs SF, remember Tekken X Street Fighter? Huge risk, even if some fans would want it. (A lot would hate it too, due to the inherent differences from base design to character development and stylization)

The studio has shown that it is very capable of creating quality products, and whatever they do next I'll be watching. Fingers crossed for more than 2 years of support on MK11.

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i actually have an idea that would help wind out of Fighting games for at least a year while not exactly stopping the production of their next fighting game, but giving more time to clean up the things, if seen some tibits of it here on this thread and has been thinking about it for a while.

Its definitely something i would talk to Boon about it if i was an employee of NRS and would start production for it after MK 11 with a much smaller team to not delay production of bigger franchises such as MK and Injustice but still getting enough to become its own thing, but i don't work at NRS...


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I think it's safe to assume, that in 1-2 years we'll get the new generation of consoles. The PS5 and the X-Bone². Would you really not want to see Injustice 3 or MK 12 with the power of new consoles backing it up and also maybe a new engine for real this time (Unreal 4)?

I for one want Injustice 3 in 2 years for the new consoles. I also want a new MVC and a new Street Fighter.
Who knows what else comes along with the new generation. Maybe better controllers with individually separated d-pads? One can only hope.


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Injustice 3 seems the most likely. In the past it hasn't worked well for Boon when he has tried to stray far from a working formula. If NRS is trying to cement the Injustice franchise like MK then Injustice 3 makes sense too. I want the next game to be MK related, but if DC is involved then I support Injustice 3 over MKvsDC 2. I really don't want the two universes to cross paths again. Guest character is as far as I'm willing to go in that direction.


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Injustice is very important to Mortal Kombat. NRS likes to try all their stupid ideas on that series, before refining it for their baby, MK.

Injustice 2's gear system was implemented terribly, but MK11's looks like a direct result of thaf criticism. Simply put we get better MK games because of Injustice
I too have always held that opinion. Injustice is also very mainstream, helping to bring more casuals to MK. If NRS makes more money from their games they can also invest more on future games. Who knows, they might even try their hand at something like the Capcom Pro Tour. I hope they do.


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I'll be disappointed if they make Injustice 3, although it'll probably be a great game. It gets stale to see the same ideas repeated again and again, when they could make a Primal Rage 2, or a Terrordome, or a new fantasy fighting game (characters like Ferra/Torr and Cetrion make me think they kinda want to make that).

Eh, as long as they put Lobo in the roster of Injustice 3, I'll be happy anyway. Just Lobo. Then they can put whoever they want.


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I honestly wouldn't mind if they took a break from fighting games and made an adventure game, or maybe even a secuel for the grid.

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I'd like them to take a stab at a hack-and-slash a-la Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, God of War, etc.
You sir, need to just move your ass on up out of here!!

God of War is no "hack n slash" , the last game was GODLIKE and should not be thrown in with the ilk of the previous entries into the series!


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Horror fighting game would be dope. I think they need to break this cycle of MK and Injustice alternating every two years.