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DLC Characters possibly leaked

So some people apparently went through switch files and found the characters. There is also step by step instructions on how to locate them apparently.

it's pretty much confirmed that this is real. The tutorial was cross referenced with the leaked file and it's the same. In the same exact order also





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It isn't like NRS to not have codenames on their dlc, but they did say the Switch version was handled by someone else.

This is hugely disappointing for me if true. I LOVE guest characters, but Ash and Terminator were those bottom of the barrel picks that got brought up after everyone was done asking for Predator and Soawn


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Damn, I hope that’s true. I’m really surprised about no smoke, mileena or reptile though.

Would be hyper hyped to see ash, Sheeva and nightwolf. Don’t really care about spawn or joker but everyone else is legit.

GOTY edition already coded :DOGE


I really would have preferred Pennywise over Joker :( I never liked him, not in I1 or I2. Maybe it's the one played by Joaquim Phoenix. But i'm so happy to see Sindel !!
Idk what happened with the whole secret characters idea but this dlc is fairly accurate. Im assuming theres 9 instead of 12 because kp2 isnt even close to coming out yet


Assuming this is true (lets say hypothetically):

So the Kombat Pack has 6 characters.

This lists 5 MK characters and 4 guests, which is 9 total.

I'm assuming there's suppose to be a mini Kombat Pack or something, but what would be the character distribution between these packs? Which one are actually in the Kombat Pack?


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Honestly, kinda sucks that cyborgs aren't in, considering that Boon has been teasing sektor for a while

I'm surprised that Joker is DLC if this leak is true.