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Dink's Firestorm MU Chart

STB Shujinkydink

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Tried my best to deliever an accurate chart. im def open to discussion as the game is new and none of these numbers are solid by any means..just my experience

Sub Zero - 5-5 (open to opinion, not much MU exp)
Swamp thing -6-4 (we zone him, but he does have decent damage sometimes)
cyborg - 6-4
catwoman - 5-5 (she does more damage than us and has better rushdown, but we zone her well and MT can beat cat dash)
Flash - 5-5
Green Latern - 6-4
Harley Quinn - 6-4 (I personally struggle with this MU and i think its 4-6 but the firestorm community assures me im just ass in it so i trust them)
Batman - 4-6
Red hood - 4-6 (he kinda beats us everywhere but not by much)
Superman - 3-7 (our worst MU. very hard to do much against all his rushdown options and he outdamages us. We can outzone him but thats the goal)
Joker - 6-4
Atrocitus - 5-5
Gorilla Grodd - 5-5
Cheetah - 5-5
Deadshot - 5-5
Poison Ivy - 6-4
Supergirl - 6-4
Green Arrow - 6-4
Dr.Fate - 5-5
Blue Beetle - 6-4
Aquaman - 6-4
Black Canary - 5-5
Darkseid - 6-4
Wonder Woman - 6-4
Black Adam - 4-6
Captain Cold - 6-4 (lack of MU experienence here as well)
Robin - 7-3 (im open to this but the robin players ive played stated FS controls neutral way better than robin and thats his key to winning)
Scarecrow - 5-5
Bane - 6-4
Brainiac - 6- 4 (we control the air..where he wants to be)


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I actually agree with most of this, there are a couple of things I'm not sure about though.

Catwoman: Firestorms air control is nothing compared to Catwomans J2, so a lot of the times she can just jump in after ducking 2/3 fireballs and get her pressure started cause you have no chance of anti airing her. She can also approach on the ground as her buttons are just as good or better than yours.

I'd definitely say 4-6.

Aquaman: See, I thought this was 5-5 too at first because Firestorm can punish FTD, however I was wrong. Aquaman just has to play a little differently, walk and duck into footsie range where he is way better than you. His buttons are better, they lead into better damage and on block they lead into better pressure.

Being able to punish FTD is nice, but Aquaman is just about strong enough elsewhere for me to justify it being a 4-6 imo.

Deadshot: Could you explain this on if you could? I have it down as a 4-6 at the very best. He beats us everywhere on screen, I matter what we do. Only thing we have over him is midscreen damage. He out zones us, he competes in footsies, his buttons are overall mich better than ours, his mixups are on par with ours midscreen but better in the corner and his wakeup is better than ours. Also cause he destroys you in the zoning way you hardly have any meter for plus frames or damage which makes it hard to get anything going.

This is one of Firestorms worst MUs along with Supes imo. 4-6 at best but probably 3-7

Robin: Just being picky with this one. Firestorm wins but I don't think it's polarising enough to cannot it a 7-3. Robin defimitely has the tools to compete and do well in this MU.


Flash: I'm tempted to say the Flash is 4-6 too but I've not had enough exp in this matchup yet really. All I know is Flash can easily punish most of our mixups while most of his mixups are safe. His buttons actually aren't as bad as people make them out to be. They're pretty average, not as good as our buttons but enough to get his pressure game started. Also his running man thing can stop Firestorm throwing our Fireballs all day as it low profiles it.

After typing this out and having a think I agree this is 5-5. I'm just gonna leave this one here cause I don't want to waste a paragraph.


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Could you explain why we win the beetle matchup? I always thought it was even or slight advantage beetle


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I'm no expert in neither character, but the Sub Zero match up seems pretty good for Firestorm as the low fire ignores the clone and SZ doesn't have a 6f d1 to easily get out of stagger pressure. What makes it even?


What make the Scarecrow matchup 5-5? Haven't played it much but it doesn't seem even from what i have seen.
Firestorm can't really zone us but Crow has to respect his wakeup options more than most other characters, also his footsies are okay in the MU. Crow has better range but Firestorm has better speed. It's pretty even.

I'm no expert in neither character, but the Sub Zero match up seems pretty good for Firestorm as the low fire ignores the clone and SZ doesn't have a 6f d1 to easily get out of stagger pressure. What makes it even?
He's not quite so sure yet & I haven't played the MU much yet as Sub but I think it's 6-4 Firestorm.


I think FS beats Grodd 6-4. You can zone him and the ground molten trap makes it hard for Grodd to get in. His jump in beats air to air leaps and its really hard to activate the projectile immunity. FS has more range in his normals also.


I must be playing some of these matchups very wrong ...
Wonder Woman seems more like a 5-5...
and catwoman 5-5?? how?? Her damage is so high comparatively and like someone above said, she only has to duck/advance a few times before that whip covers such a huge range ... her pressure seems way better too.
Also, Poison Ivy is a tough one for me, I dont see how he wins, enlighten me people! :)
I agree with you Dink on Harley


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Decent list but I think he has more 5-5 match ups than 6-4.

The only one outright disagree with is Darkseid, i think the match is in Darkseid's favor. I'd be willing to hear your thoughts though.

STB Shujinkydink

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Could you explain why we win the beetle matchup? I always thought it was even or slight advantage beetle
for sure, we do better damage than beetle for much less execution. zoning is aboot even with us having the ex to knockdown for advantage and shield to help us in the trade. Beetles damage i think is the big factor in this MU

How does he have this many winning match-ups? I played him a little but still that seems an awful lot of winning mu's.
I do think he is criminally underrated, however he doesnt have enough winning or lopsided MUs to be considered top tier like AQ or superman.

I don't see how Ivy loses and I don't see how canary goes even. I would much rather fight firestorm with Ivy than Canary.
in my experience I find I have more solid options against ivy than canary. I have to be super careful fullscreen against canary and she hits like a truck. However I do lack the ivy MU having only really played Guamo in tournament so maybe he could help shed some light on the MU? I'm by no means saying my word is gospel and am totally open to arguing either point as the game is still in its infancy :)


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Hey mr dink i picked up fs after watching your amazing performance in the wotg or hth i mix them up all the time. Anyway, mu chart seems pretty on point and honesty with the lack of certain machup knowledge makes a huge difference in posts like these. Canadia is dope.


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I think he absolutely beats Canary. That matchup feels terrible to me. I might just be bad, but idk. Unless I have Level 3 Cry it feels like he stuffs all my options.


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I don't think Lantern loses to Firestorm. I can see the matchup being like that only if Firestorm plays it really lame and zones/counter zones throughout the entire thing and manages to keep Lantern out at all times but Lantern does have options and when he gets in, I definitely feel like he wins the up close game.
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I do think he is criminally underrated, however he doesnt have enough winning or lopsided MUs to be considered top tier like AQ or superman.
I just don't see how he's that good. Just eat the overhead on his mix most of the time,his jump-ins are terrible,his anti-airs seem weak unless I'm missing something with his AA options,staggers aren't that good to me in this game,his normals and strings are ok, his airdash kinda sucks, and his zoning is just solid. He just seems really average to me for the most part outside of his good damage. Maybe being really average is his best strength. I'm gonna play him more and find out.


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@STB Shujinkydink I would like to hear your reasoning for FS losing to Aquaman. From my experience it feels even since Aquaman much like in the Ivy MU has to chase Firestorm since FTD is a no no in the matchup especially with the game being zoning heavy. However it isn't as painful trying to get in as it would be in the Ivy MU for Aquaman (since the way the matchup is played for Aquaman feels similar from my experience) while Aquaman has great buttons. Firestorm can compete with his buttons although not to the same degree. Though I haven't played too many great FS players since it's kinda lacking in numbers


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How is the Darkseid matchup supposed to work? I feel like he can keep FS full screen forever with Omega Beams and then use his teleport to get in basically whenever he wants for a free mixup. Most characters can d2 on reaction to the tele but with FS you can't even do that, d2 will usually trade at best or get stuffed out at worst, and I get stuffed probably more often than not. I just feel like Darkseid totally dictates the pace and nature of the match.
Agree with this list for the most part, I'd say the Darkseid MU is 5-5 in my exp and from someone who plays Firestorm and Sub-Zero i think that match up feels 6-4 in Firestorms favor.

My 2 cents.