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  1. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    Okay im going to show off my super class

    SunnyD: Level 39 Barbarian

    Strength: 867
    Dexterity: 133
    Intelligence: 183
    Armor: 2483
    DPS: 1132.15

    Magic Helm: Dauntless Helmet of the Bear (+30 Str, +48 Vit, 79 Armor)
    Magic Amulet: Iron Amulet of Agony (+5-10 Dmg, 2.5% Crit Chance)
    Rare Breastplate: Fissure Barrier (+45 Str, +46 Int, +34 Vit, +4 Yard Treasure Pickup, Socketed Perfect Ruby, 89 Armor)
    Magic Wristguards: Cruel Wristwraps of Invasion (73 Stre, 34 Dex, 64 Armor)
    Rare Gloves: Scavenger's Grips(+42 Str, +11 Int, +31 Vit, +11% Attack Spd, +13% Crit Chance, +5 yard Treasure Pickup, +5 Thorns, 81 Armor)
    Magic Belt: Dueling Chain Belt of Invasion (+94 Str, +13 Int, 59 Armor)
    Magic Pants: Cruel Plate Leggings of Invasion (+59 Str, +13 Dex, 97 Armor)
    Magic Ring: Raiding Ring of Agony (+5-10 Dmg, +11% Attack Spd)
    Rare Ring: Fate Apocalypse (+5-10 Dmg, +22 Str, +12% Gold Find, Control Effects reduced 5%)
    Magic Boots: Dueling Greaves of Invasion (+68 Str, +27 Int, 77 Armor)
    Magic Shield: Reptilian Pelta of Invasion (+69 Str, 4 Life regen, 20% chance to Block. 276 Armor)
    Rare Axe: Forsaken Relic (62.4 DPS, +2-5 Fire Dmg, +158 Str, +40 Int, +32 to Life per Hit, Socketed Radiant Amythest)

    Frenzy: 110% weapon dmg, attack spd increases per attack up to +75%. Rune: Health regen after kills. +3 Fury
    Leap: You leap and do 85% weapon dmg as AOE. Reduce affected enemy spd by 60%. Rune: +300% Armor for 4 sec. +15 Fury
    Whirlwind: Spin in AOE dmg = 110% weapon dmg. Rune: extra tornadoes that do 40% weapon dmg. 16 Fury Cost
    Seismic Slam: COA attack that does 155% weapon dmg. Rune: 70% chance to stun for 1.5 sec. 30 Fury Cost
    Revenge: AOE attack = 220% dmg. plus heals +5% life for every enemy hit. Only activated 15% when hit. Rune: 8% life heal
    Ignore Pain: Reduces dmg taken by 65% for 5 sec. 30 sec cooldown. Rune: 20% dmg dealt regained as life.

    I wish i could get a screenshot of my character but i always get a picture of my desktop and not the actual game. Odd...
  2. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming

    If anyone wants to add me my Bnet is "SwiftTomHank" ran out of room for the "s".

    Mainly playing a wizard. Named him Sektor since he also shoots missiles, despite them being magic missiles and they don't come from his body.

    Named my alt Monk Rain since he round houses the shit out of everyone.
  3. Jer

    Jer I'm a literal Sloth

    MTL Jer
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  4. Tolkeen

    Tolkeen /wrists

    I love diablo3, but I have one complaint. Since it's release I have done nothing but play it and practice for ufgt, since I use a stick, my wrists are killing me every night. Damn you carpel tunnel!
  5. AK Walker

    AK Walker Han shot first

    I'm going through Nightmare right now, with my Barbarian. Where are you guys at game wise?
  6. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
    Premium Supporter

    My battletag is aninj. Anyone feel free to add me, I play HC exclusively. I've lost a 49 DH and a 51 Barb. On A4 nightmare with my monk right now.

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