Defend the North 2017 Top 8 Sunday at 7 ET

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by CrimsonShadow, Jul 30, 2017.

By CrimsonShadow on Jul 30, 2017 at 2:39 AM
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    After an entertaining Saturday's worth of pools here in White Plains, NY the Top 8 for this year's Defend the North is officially set. A collection of some of Injustice 2's current best are set to clash on Sunday evening, featuring a diverse array of characters. Here are the final 8:


    Echo Fox | Theo (Superman, AM) vs. Echo Fox | Sonic Fox (Red Hood)

    T7G D.R. Gross (Green Lantern) vs. PG Hayatei (Robin)


    Grr (Deadshot) vs. Circa | Forever King (Batman)

    RNG | Whiteboi (Scarecrow) vs. Fable Destroyer (Atrocitus)

    If you haven't yet seen Saturday's Top 16, you are missing out on a real treat; as it was filled to the brim with exciting, hotly contested sets. A number of matches went down to the wire, and there were several surprising twists and endings.

    The Top 8 will be Sunday at 7 PM ET at

    Top 16:{"phaseId":142859}

    Pools: --
    Top 16:
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by CrimsonShadow, Jul 30, 2017.

    1. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel

      (Best of luck, homie \m/ )
    2. BunLantern
      Not one duplicate character in top 8, that's pretty awesome.
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    3. TamedLizard
      Top 16 was hype. Looking forward to top 8! Broad showcase of talented players and characters.

      Also, I'm convinced. GL Catwoman is 8-2 MU. There's our bad matchup
    4. HushoftheWind
      so im just going to say, Hayatei is going to be problem going further. That man constantly gets better every tournament. he's my favorite going in, if he doesnt face Sonic Fox's Red hood.
    5. Cashual
      Hell yeah!! Nice, diverse top 8. For a relatively small turnout, the killers are out in full force.

      Shocked Dragon got 9th, bummer for him

      Gross winner's side too 8 with GL!!! Fuck yes man. Gross' GL is my favorite character to watch. I hope he gets top 3.
    6. Shaka
      This notion that Robin is low tier is gotta die quick.
      Robin will be top5 once patch hits.
    7. Clutch8
      Looking forward to it!!
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    8. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Robin definitely isn't low tier, but top 5 is just as lol
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    9. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Good job Gross, making it work with F tier GL
    10. Juggs
      My predictions:

      Theo vs SFox - SFox wins

      Gross vs Hayatei - Gross wins

      WFs: SFox vs Gross - Gross wins

      Grr vs King - King wins

      Whiteboi vs Destroyer - Whiteboi wins

      Theo vs Whiteboi - Theo wins

      Hayatei vs King - Hayatei wins

      Hayatei vs Theo - Hayatei wins

      LFs: Hayatei vs SFox - Hayatei wins

      GFs: Hayatei vs Gross - Hayatei resets bracket but Gross wins in the tournament!
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    11. HushoftheWind
      As it stands there are no repeat characters in top 8(excluding pocket Aqua, Cat, and Adam). The variety is real in this top 8. Im curious to see if Theo can't clap back against SonicFox's red hood. Guess we'll see if Aquaman fairs better than Superman did at evo 17. So many stories to be unfolded, i can't wait till this top 8.

      edit: And i get a new episode of Game of Thrones to follow. what a good sunday.
    12. HellblazerHawkman
      Yeah, really fucking hope this doesn't run late. Wanna watch the whole thing, but I ain't missing GoT
    13. Tweedy
      Robin isn't low tier. He's like right above that. He's definitely worse than Flash tho. Hayatei is just that good. I know it sounds like i'm biased towards Hayatei, but Robin loses the same way Flash does but he's way less scary up close. Robin has better mid range neutral but most characters don't have to play that game with him. They just lame him out.

      Plus he has gaps people still don't exploit. People let him get away with b2 smart rang every time. etc etc etc
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    14. CrimsonShadow
      Dragon repeatedly punished cancels into smart rang with b12, but Hayatei beat him nontheless. Hayatei is really good
    15. Tweedy
      He got away with some vs Dragon too and I didn't say that he literally gets away with them every time. Just more than he should. Crimson always fishing.
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    16. TwiztidOne
      you did literally use the words "every time"

      but I knew what you meant lol
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    17. Tweedy
      Yes but I also used the words "people". There are definitely people he plays against who let him do it every time.
    18. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Robin is a real weird character to me, he's good though.
    19. CrimsonShadow
      Easy there.. I was actually trying to back you up by seconding how good Hayatei is. Breathe Tweedy.. Breathe :p
    20. CrimsonShadow
      There's a dude in the third row trying to impress a chick by hating on Injustice.. And he's wrong about everything he's quoting about the game. Boooooooo... Hahaha
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    21. shoshinsha
      Oh yay... another d1~trident rush to victory...
    22. Shaka
      Why is it that rushdown chars get downplayed like Flash & Robin but defensive chars like Aquaman get upplayed?
    23. shoshinsha
      The problem isn't offensive or defensive. The problem is how annoying the play style is. Deadshot is repetitive. So is Aquaman. And worse is that Aquaman's moves are relatively low-skill. His trait is simply a one-button combo breaker, and d1~TR is so easy and so safe and so much reward on hit or block. I love Aquaman as a character and really resent how shit they made him in this game. There's no reason for trident rush to exist as it does.
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    24. Protagonist_1
      These matches are so good!

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