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Tech Deathstroke: 4 new Bnbs/Quick Stands


btw i just want to throw this out there, anything is possible with practice. if people gave up because of a 1 frame link then people wouldn't be doing touch of death combos in marvel and max stun combos in sf4 or anything like that. if you practice it enough you will be able to do anything under pressure. some people more than others. its just a question if you are willing to put the time into it. i find a combo as unpractical if its not worth the resources or if there is an easier combo that does more damage. some of these i dont think are bad at all. 132 isnt terrible off of a jump in becuase it leaves you at 0 on block. i would more so go for it after a neutral jump setup more than anything tho since you are already mixing him up there and you also sometimes arent sure what side you're going to land on
132 can give a b3 mb set up.. creates mind games. You seem to understand meta more than most of these people. Thats exactly the point. toughness is not a complain factor at all. as a lot of them are easy with practice.


I don't see anything in here that's impracticle.

Remeber people called TACS, Lightning Loops, ROM, and a whole host of other things impractical and they've been proven wrong pretty much everytime.
I get 47% + off a 2 bar MBb3 srting into wall bounce and can get that meterless off of a mid stage bounce and its more viable than these but they do have some potential for new set-ups