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Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by Konqrr, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Konqrr

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    I realize that there might be a matchup thread already in this forum, but the point of this thread is to discuss matchups to make the Matchup Chart as accurate as possible.

    The Matchup Chart thread:

    When you discuss or list what you think the matchups are, please do so in alphabetical order. Also, they should be listed in either whole numbers or .5 notations.

    The current Matchup Chart for Cyrax is as follows:
    6-4 vs Baraka
    5-5 vs Cyber Sub-Zero
    6-4 vs Ermac
    xxx vs Freddy Krueger
    6-4 vs Jade
    6-4 vs Jax
    4-6 vs Johnny Cage
    5-5 vs Kabal
    5-5 vs Kano
    xxx vs Kenshi
    5-5 vs Kitana
    5-5 vs Kung Lao
    6-4 vs Liu Kang
    6-4 vs Mileena
    5-5 vs Nightwolf
    6-4 vs Noob Saibot
    6-4 vs Quan Chi
    4-6 vs Raiden
    xxx vs Rain
    4-6 vs Reptile
    5-5 vs Scorpion
    5-5 vs Sektor
    5-5 vs Shang Tsung
    6-4 vs Sheeva
    7-3 vs Sindel
    xxx vs Skarlet
    6-4 vs Smoke
    5-5 vs Sonya Blade
    6-4 vs Stryker
    5-5 vs Sub-Zero

    Agree? Disagree? DISCUSS!
  2. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    i'd say liu kang is either 5-5 or 6-4 to liu kang, his low string beats everything cyrax has on wakeup, including enhanced kick and teleport, so when hes got cyrax knocked down cyrax has no choice but to take some chip, i'd say kabal is 5-5 or 6-4 to kabal, as kabal is impossible to trade with fullscreen, he can air fireball away from any bombs and shoot projectiles faster than cyrax's net will even come out
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  3. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    completely disagree with the sub mathup, sub's best type of game plan relies on being a complete turtle and then pushing forward with ice clone. A couple of well placed bombs can easily neutralize that whole game style.

    I think the nightwolf matchup should be 4-6. Although it's not favorable to throw random nets, the fact that nightwolf's shoulder goes through nets should give him a notch above cyrax. Im not too familiar with the matchup but i kinda see it going to nightwolf.

    As for liu kang i will always have problems with him. Personally against me he's like 4-6 or 3-7 lol

    I've never had any problems with reptile but i can see why it would go 4-6.
  4. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember


    The problem with discussing match-ups and tier standing with Cyrax is the resets (I know, Im tired of talking about them too) because a lot of people are giving him top tier standing and favorable match ups based on this "one net and you´re dead" argument

    For example that 5-5 with Kung Lao. KL has awesome mix-ups, Cyrax does not. KL has gdlk wake-up, Cyrax dos not. KL has a low projectile, Cyrax does not. KL has INSANE poke strings, Cyrax does not. KL has a better teleport.

    BUT "one net and KL is dead!" Personally I dont think this makes sense. You need to get either a random naked net or actually attack or cross-up KL (spin...) and connect a string AND be lucky that he doesnt have breaker or that he doesnt build breaker before the damage is significant. Dont get me wrong, the resets have to go, but Id like to see this match up chart after they are. All my opinions regarding his match-ups will NOT take his resets into account as I never bothered to learn them anyway.
  5. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    KL no way this is 5-5, KL pressures Cyrax to death. 4-6 (4-6 with johnny cage but 5-5 with KL??)
    Not sure about 4-6 reptile... Ive gotten good results stopping dash with nets and air throw (dash will not connect) blocked dash punished with full combo off 1,net. id say 5-5
    Id say well executed Kabal pressure also put him at 4-6
    4-6 kitana (because of pressure)

    EDIT: sorry about the double post.


    you would know this so, isnt this also true with Sektor´s low starter? Ive been stuffed out of wake ups by it many times too. Tho I still agree with the 5-5
  6. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    what isnt so? cyrax getting hit out of wakeup attacks? i can assure you its true, and liu kang is the best at it, in my opinion anyway, if you find your wakeups beating everyones low starters its down to them mistiming it

    edit: my bad i misread your post, im not sure if this is similar with the sektor low starter, i would assume it is, as would be with any low starter, i just picked out kang as his is super quick
  7. babalook

    babalook Noob

    exactly what i was guna post
  8. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    I meant because of playing your brothers Sektor. As I read my post again I realize my wording was awkward my bad there. Yeah kang is a beast! what are your thoughts on the reptile match-up mustard?
  9. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    id say its an even 5-5 fullscreen reptile destroys him but a midscreen trade with a force ball-net lets cyrax teleport on wakeup and get the command grab in which grants the cyrax user whatever mindgames he decides to pull out after, bit of a grind, but definately goes either way
  10. Here are the notable ones I would change

    5-5 vs Ermac: I think Ermac's zoning game is about on par with Cyrax's with the exception of a decent mix-up game to boot. His damage is on par with Cyrax's as well (not counting 80% reset since that is probably leaving tomorrow). All in all I think this match is extremely winnable as well as losable if you get behind at any point since trying to get in on ermac is a royal pain with force pushes and anti air uppercut into gravity squeeze. However, rax does win the projectile trade with nets so he can stay in the game fairly easy as well.

    4-6 or even 3-7 vs Kabal : Maybe, I'm playing the match wrong but when I've played good Kabals (Michaelangelo) I feel like Cyrax can't really do anything meaningful. He builds insane meter with air gas blasts and ground blade and when he does get in cyraxs slow normals and no close range check move do him no favors in ever getting out of the 3,2 dash cancel block strings. What's worse is a good Kabal ends his combos with reset knee instead of a knockdown so rax's ex moves will be pretty useless since they suck outside of wake up.

    4-6 vs Kitana: I'd say another match where Cyrax gets outzoned pretty hard and up-close he gets poked to death by low 1s. She also builds tons of meter for breakers. Kitana also a pretty much get out of jail free card with her db+1 which is surprisingly hard to anti air throw her out of. Also if rax trades projectiles with her its mostly an aerial net meaning 30-40% damage combos instead of the big ones rax needs to make meaningful progress, because she puts out similar damage.

    5-5 vs Kung Lao: I saw some people post otherwise, I actually think this is a pretty decent match. Rax has a lot of answers for stuff he has, it is still hard but he can control KL pretty decently just because antiair is so godlike.

    4-6 vs Liu Kang: I agree with Mustard's analysis on this match, I've lost to some pretty mash happy liu kang's finding this out the hard way.

    5-5 vs Mileena: I think Mileena's mixup game on wake-ups is pretty dangerous to cyrax since her overhead hop going over cyrax's ex ragdoll and she is very mobile to boot. Also sai spam is fairly annoying though not as effective as Kitana. Cyrax doesn't have any notable advantages in this match therefore I'd say 5-5.

    4-6 vs Noob Saibot: I will admit, I may play this match wrong, but I think this match really blows. Noob outzones rax hard and builds meter all day that he doesn't have to ever spend on ex's since he doesn't really do combos. Trading projectiles with him hurts and is easy to mistime meaning you won't get up fast enough after tackle to capitlize even if they don't have breaker. Noob also has amazing get off me moves with the shadow upkick and his teleport is of course always a factor when both are trying to zone. The other difference I find is noob is happy to just go back to zoning full screen after any combo rather than mixups, so you have to make gimmicky teleport reads at some point if you get behind.

    3-7 vs Raiden: I think this is his worst match up of all. Raiden gets out of every non guaranteed setup without even thinking, his teleport is insanely safe and hard to punish even with proper reads, his guard strings due lots of chip and have good advantage. Honestly, if the raiden player is willing to just sit on the other side of the screen and just wait for you to do something he can teleport and superman his way to victory pretty easily. Cyrax's lack of pressure from both strings and projectile chip really makes it easy to wait around on him.

    6-4 vs Sub-Zero: I honestly think this match is insanely easy. This is one of the few strong zoners due to sub's skill package that doesn't out zone cyrax. Projectile trades are even since both don't do damage and your follow-up options are way stronger than his, sub's mixup is slightly better than rax's but not much, as are his wake up attacks.
  11. EX ragdoll beats the low string.
  12. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    no it doesnt, are you refering to liu kang here?
  13. I am, and it totally does. I don't try pressuring Cyrax's wakeup anymore when he has meter because I've been EX ragdolled out of my strings too much.
  14. QuadDamage

    QuadDamage Noob

    If it does its totally inconsistent. Most of the time cyrax gets poked out of Exragdoll but lets say it works 50% of the time.
    Kang shoukd still pressure him cuz the risk is he eats 14% but if kang pokes him out of it cyrax wasted 1 bar and gets comboed.
    The reward is far greater then the risk.
  15. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Another brutal Ex ragdoll stuffer is nightwolfs f3. I dont have enough matchup experience to discuss that 5-5 in the chart however. I suppose the fact that he can´t reflect the net (tho he does disable it while gaining meter) would support the match up rating as it stands.
  16. Tried this out last night in practice mode with wake up attack set to on and meter set to full... sometimes the EX ragdoll wins but sometimes Cyrax gets hit out of the EX flash animation. So it looks like you're right, it works sometimes but not others. That's good to know.
  17. TheChad_87

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  18. Mt. Mutombo

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    Raiden= 4-6 and close to 5-5 teleports can be baited but they're still a pain in the ass
    Reptile=5-5 maybe even 6-4 cyrax can stop the dash ins with nets and bombs, and exchanging nets with forceball is a plus
    Lao= 5-5 just because he's lao, i still think he's not that bad of a match-up. I don't give him a 6-4 just because he's kung lao.
    Kabal= 4-6 getting close to 3-7 the air fireballs and the pressure are too much of a hassle.
    Sub= 10-0(jk) 7-3 or 6-4 don't have to explain nada.
    Liu Kang=4-6 his low string has been giving me nightmares since i first played the game.
    Jax= 5-5 maybe even 4-6, why? his low string is probably more troublesome than liu kang's, and jax's close range pressure along with the ground pound instant death combos are kryptonite to the yellow man.
    Ermac= 6-4 i don't think ermac can zone cyrax that well as with other characters due to the fact you can lob some well placed bombs and disrupts the whole zoning gameplan
    Cage=4-6 bs cage pressure.
    Mileena= 5-5 just cause of the air sai pressure
  19. younghou

    younghou Noob

    5-5 vs kunglao i disagree...if kunglao player know you are weak vs zoning he can outzone you with the low hat and divekick your jumps or nets in reaction
    i think this match is 4-6 for cyrax
  20. Leonkiller

    Leonkiller Noob

    I have about 3000 wins with cyrax alone. Kung Lao is about 7-3 maybe even 8-2 now reptile, kabal and cage thats the only trouble for me.
    And I am talking about good cage that knows how to use frame traps and very spammy kabal. Reptile is just reptile I have no really good answer for this charackter i try to use sub but they just outspam if i get fullscreen and plus with online you cant punish his dash if i play with cyrax ussually if i get them in the net twice they are dead. His xray is deadly for cyrax because you cant really throw the net when he has the xray. Kabal his constant dash cancel just pisses me of. Kenshi is awesome against reptile kenshi is awesome against anybody actually. What I love about cyrax is that once I get inside ussually its 95% I get them in the net just constant 2,1-3,3-1,2,net or command grab net))))
    If somebody could give me some advice against kabal and reptile that would be awesome. Like how do u get out from the dash cancel crap?
    PS. Raiden is just raiden just dont block and wait until he teleports and than 1,2 net is just u need to be more on your tose with raiden.
  21. NariTuba

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  22. Leonkiller

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  23. That facial expression is his reaction to the things you said. He thinks what you said was outlandish, basically.
  24. Leonkiller

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    ???? This means why does he think that? Kung Lao is not a problem for cyrax at all in my opinion.
  25. Could you elaborate?

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