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Curse you, dashing punches!!!!

It's hard to infinite a lot of characters. like male ninjas and stryker, they have a diff stragety, if you get kano stryker male ninjas and jax and usub and sindel, thats reptile perfection right there.

He's got that damn juggle down i'll give it to him

I'll out dash you one day buddy haha
Repitle Juggle - Why do I miss the uppercut?

I've been practicing loads and I am finally starting to get more than one dash before having to uppercut.

I've been trying this on male ninjas:

Pop-up, fb, aaHPHP, dash, aaHPHP, dash, uppercut.

My problem is that I can't get the uppercut to land, I definitely dash quick enough, so could it be that I am doing it too early?



I wish I could do that. All I can do RARELY, is "Pop-up, ForceBall, aaHp,aaHp, Dash, Crouch LP, Uppercut. That's my favorite and I've never been able to EVER land a "Dash, aaHp,Hp, Dash" it's just way too hard for me but EVERYONE just keeps saying, "You have to learn the timing" so that's what I'm going to tell you, you're timing is off.
There's a lot of threads on this...why not post there?

if you can land the second set of punches you can do the uppercut...it's not hard.
it's MUCH easier than timing the punches....

the lame one is missing the uppercut on the fifth set of dashes....
what I do is aahp aahp dash, aahp aahp dash and while I dash I hold down, wait until he stops and press hp...

PRACTICE YOUR TIMING..it's easier than you think
Just thought of a great idea that might help my timing. Could someone post a video of them doing reptiles juggle, except instead of the camera pointing at the screen, could you point it at your controller. 360 controller preferably, but anything will do, also turn the sound off so I can here your button presses. I know its sounds stupid, but I really think this will help me a lot.

What do you think?

Tim Static

I've been trying to get vids of top stick players doing the same thing with a side by side of the persons hands on the stick & buttons and the other half synced to whats going on in the match.

This would be a great tutorial section addition. :)

I also wanna see DC & CD on their pads too, haha.