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Could Catwoman be a better character than Wonder Woman?

Catwoman > Wonder Woman?

  • Yes

    Votes: 9 13.2%
  • No

    Votes: 53 77.9%
  • Possible

    Votes: 5 7.4%
  • Equally Good

    Votes: 1 1.5%

  • Total voters

AK elitegoomba

I'm curious to see what people think. I don't really know Catwoman well enough to have an informed opinion, so I won't make a case either way, but I do think it's possible

Also if a mod could add a 3rd option "Possible" to the poll that would be tight, and a 4th for "Equally good" it wasn't letting me do that

BTW I think both characters are pretty good and have a lot of solid tools
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Meow Hoes
You have an otg that's + on block
You parry is better than evade
B2 is 1 frame slower than our f1 but has longer reach. Though we get more damage from max range
You have an air dash and a way better dash than us.
J3 is just as broke as j2
Your low is plus on block

We do have mb catdash but its punish at most ranges
Our b3 is better than you d3

Johnny Based Cage

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I'm curious to see what people think. I don't really know Catwoman well enough to have an opinion, so I won't make a case either way, but I do think it's possible

Also if a mod could add a 3rd option "Possible" to the poll that would be tight, it wasn't letting me do that
Lol Goomba, my dude! Not even gonna touch this one lol but we need to run another set soon, bruh.


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Both characters have good oki and 50/50 mix ups, but here's the thing:

Wonder Woman has a far better parry, shield stance to avoid a lot of chip damage from zoning, superior ground and air mobility with her good walk speed, back dashes, air dashes. Wonder Woman isn't super meter reliant to do damage so she has more meter options to play around with to get in, win clashes or push block pressure.

What this simply boils down to is that Wonder Woman deals better with zoning, walking back and since her mobility is so good she has to take fewer risks than Catwoman to get started.

Jump 2 and Jump 3 are both really good and the only thing I can think of that's better for Catwoman is her back 3 over Wonder Woman's, but I'll take having all of Wonder Woman's mobility options over Catwoman's back 3 any day because even though both normally have to chase and catch people to get started, fewer risks matters so much. And I didn't even get into demigoddess.

Wonder Woman feels like a more mobile, well rounded Catwoman to be honest.
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AK elitegoomba

WW's lasso parry is definitely a very strong tool that CW doesn't have. CW has the evade thing but it's not as good and doesn't lead into anything. WW parry can take things like Doomsday's venom or pretty much anyone's MB b3 and full combo punish

I find using sword stance to avoid chip often doesn't really work out; I mean your mobility goes to shit, you have terrible normals outside of d1, only midrange option is bash, the d2 in sword is ok but much worse overall, if you get knocked down you're screwed... so yeah you take almost no chip damage but I feel it's much easier to get opened up in sword

Not sure if I agree that WW gets started easier, I think that would really just depend on the MU

Demigoddess I would compare to cat dash:

IADG is safe, cat dash is unsafe from certain ranges
cat dash leads to a full combo + setup, good corner carry, IADG is a soft knockdown
cash dash has 2 hits of armor
they have similar ranges (almost full screen)
MB cat dash obviously costs a bar, IADG doesn't
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There is no way Catwoman is better.

Catwoman can be vortexed without trait. WW always has an invincible wakeup.
WW always has great 50/50's off of jumpins that can't be mashed out of or backdashed.
WW corner game is better.
WW AA is better (d2).
WW parry is better.

Everything else is a wash when comparing the rest.

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lol I forgot this happened, I really had no idea what was going on... but really this thread has nothing to do with my failure/success against any CW in the past, just theorycrafting shenanigans
What are Your arguments for cw being better possibly?


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@Shaazzyam I don't want to derail the thread, but read that line and educate yourself.

TEH Slips is on my side, so I win the argument.
K txs bai.
CW notoriously has shitty wakeups. I agree, that technically traitless CW is forced to block considering you can blow her up.

But that's a far cry from saying NW vortexes the whole cast with a situational jump-in setup.