Coolest Guys in MK Communities

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  1. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
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    I love/hate you
  2. 9.95 encourages throws. He's the best.
  3. Tim Static

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    If you dont mention me, i will fucking ban you.

    JUST KIDDING! I could care less if people think Im cool or not cool or whatever. thats not what im about. I'am here for one thing, and one thing only:


    and that will never change!
  4. AK Toxic

    AK Toxic Graphic Designer

    All of the ATL community, thanks for helping me with this game and just being awesome people overall.
    Pig Of The Hut Thanks for letting me room with you in Philly for NEC, one of the best players of this game and most knowledgeable about the game.
    @Lord of the Fly Sorry I'm so young, always respect your NW
    TylerLantern such a chill guy, makes awesome MK vids, great competitive player too
    BeerGuyEd probably one of the coolest guys in the community, hosts Level up after work, does awesome stream work, probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. Also Ed's laugh is the best lol
    @JimmyVonVitti great player, awesome guy as well, will always be fun chillin with you and Tyler playing casuals
    @Clint the Beast (probably not on tym, but w.e) Beast of a player ;b drunk like a mother fucker all the time at tournies lol another great player in ATL community
    As for other players I know, mostly from NEC
    DetroitBalln313 and MortySeinfeld two of the best players in MK, both really helpful and well rounded players, great people too, had a great weekend with them at NEC, leveled up a shit ton
    OneBoxyRobot my bro, we need to hang out and play some casuals, wait at another BK for our food lol.
    @VSM Hitoshura another member of the cyrax circle of salt, great player, awesome guy as well
    EDIT: Insuperable @Mr Mileena
    <3 Both awesome players and people, it would be really cool to meet both of them in person. Props to Insup for repping Quan/best Quan, and Mr Mil for doing the same for Sindel.
    I'd also like to shout out Osu 16 Bit for being a brilliant Kit at Final Round and handing the fan he had to CD, his beard is also god tier
  5. MKF30

    MKF30 We do NOT Grovel-Ermac/Gonna give me an A++Kung J.
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    Yeah, Phil is a pretty nice guy.
  6. Damn carrying that stream stuff back to your car must of sucked. 3 edits and I still don't make the cut. ;)
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  7. NKZero

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    Well I don't really know any of the US players but I will give some love to them as well. Just wanna say firstly that everyone in this community is terrific. Helpful, warm people and we all get along fine (for the most part).

    I do wanna say that these guys would be on my Christmas Card list (if I was a Christian):
    i2 Gaug3

    Sorry if I'm forgetting anyone here...

    Then there are these PND's who I'm eager to meet:
    Ketchup-LK9T9 (special thanks to you for being so helpful on the forums)
    A F0xy Grampa

    Only allowed to tag 10 people so I will list the others normally..

    Temjiin (lol that's all I can think of for now)
  8. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
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    Also want to show my appreciation for those in the land of the free:
    SwiftTomHanks seem like an awesome guy. Hope to meet you one day if I ever make it to the US and A. Thanks for all the Sektor help.
    L0rdoftheFLY read above and apply to Nightwolf :p.
    Tom Brady the ultimate undisputed King of MK. Also my favourite player to watch and learn from. Thanks for everything you've done for this community.

    I love everyone else as well (too many to list though). All the podcast hosts, the trolls, also shout-outs to the guys in Holland too (taco, solid, mr e etc. etc.)

    Last but not least a special thanks to the guys who manage this site. The Elder Gods I should say.... Tim Static STORMS ZAQ (the only other dude who plays Marvel :) ) 9.95 OJuggernautO

    BLESS YOU ALL! :REO:16Bit:tonyt
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  9. Check

    Check -

    thanks dan, konqrr, digi, and arez. it's been 10 years with this community. new or old it don't matter. i doubt those memories will ever fade away. you know who you are. wish we could go back to the MKD days. that's what i'll remember most as "coolest".


    DanCock i liked sidestepping too.
  10. Peckapowa

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    My personal coolness tier list

    Transcending all other humans tier, cannot even be classifed based on the fact that there is no other human comparable
    God Tier, overpowered supercool people, just too much cool for others
    2.tom brady

    top tier, only a few bad matchups
    MK Peanuts(potential moving up based on new tech)
    blueNINE(kung lao drops him from transcending tier)
    habity(hes potentially a serial killer so i couldn't bump him up)
    MK Kobra(deckhand)
    Superi0rMagik(teabagging and nice reads bro bumps him up from mid tier)
    CptXecution (he gave me free pizza once)
    tos nerd(sonya keeps him from my level)
    daddydabho(that video he showed me droppe dhim)
    skeet skeet
    WoundCowboy(stop counter-poking me)
    BodamEscapePlan(cool guy needs to add me to facebook so i can beat off to his photos)
    psycho paff
    hornysmurfer(i dont know why ur not in transcendent tier there is no just explanation)
    chancemen ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    99 problms(with age comes experience)
    any1 i forgot god do i feel like a homo doing this no offense to any one but im really just procrastinating from doing my final thats do in a couple hours and honestly this list is way too long im wasting my time and its (soap bar in my mouth) and i look like a complete idiot doing this)
    MID TIER = these people should seriously consider psychotherapy
    nitemare and skeet (they use cyrax)
    poopingtoad and seahorse, im jealous of their abs, plus i need to put peopl ein mid tier so my list isnt stupid but i dont want to insult anyone
    klakity, (the dude kept stroking my leg and his brother habity had to restrain him it was creepy but hes pretty hot im not gonna lie but what if i had gotten a boner and it touched ur hand)
    low tier= these people are not really human beings in my eyes
    dribirut (he uses reptile, and his girlfriend is hot and his hair is curly)
    lima bean (JUST KIDDING WHY DID U GO
    xXxKilllgxXx (hes my roomate and he uses reptile and hes always yelling at me to do the dishes and hes delusional about his abilities plus he uses reptile)
  11. Briggs8417

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    All the players I am about to list of just some of the people that I know and I think a really awesome people (keep in mind this is not everyone just a short list,because everyone I have not in the community is awesome )

    1) Pig
    2) Fly
    3) quandaghost
    4) Insuperable
    5) Mr. Mileena :-*
    6) BeerGuyEd
    7) Guamokun
    8) Admiral Augustus
    9) Blackula
    10) Cyus
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  12. I'm not just liking this cause I'm in it, this whole thing is hilarious.
  13. EGP Wonder_Chef

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    Ah fuck I'm not going through 7 pages to see if someone did this already but it had to be done:

    Sub Zero.
  14. BDMao88

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  15. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

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  16. MKF30

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    lol, that's awesome ^
  17. Peckapowa

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    i forgot to put u under low tier for breaking my disc

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