Coolest Guys in MK Communities

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Mgo, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Temjiin


    You're getting 12gauged.... better think of a new username/alias.
  2. rev0lver

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    Since people are talking about people they don't like, there are only 3 people I will actively avoid in tournaments if I see them. But 1 refuses to go to them lololol. But all 3 are people I know others would agree on, so I don't feel too bad.

    It takes a lot for me to actually dislike someone. I may act like an arrogant asshole but it's just an act. <3 you all.
  3. K7L33THA

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    I wonder who the 2 or 3 ppl everyone hates are...hmmm.
  4. KRYS9984

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    Everyone in the TYM / MKU Mortal Kombat community is very cool.

    The "online gaming" community is a different story; some of those guys are just ridiculous, have no desire to actually learn the game and make the most obscene comments to one another.

    First cool guy I ever encountered was AU_IM_DIGIMON ; his online stream bridged the gap between the online gamers (such as myself) and tournament high level players. Through this, I met a couple great fighters who I still enjoy playing on regular basis.

    Some others who have been nothing but courteous are:

    RunwayMafia @Trepound380 Starcharger28 DetroitBalln313 Shoryuken TylerLantern xViper pboardplayer cyusstrike TraNceBeatz Wildoom Marvaz Bildslash and all the clan guys.
  5. You are too nice Krys. But thank you.
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  6. Revolver is cool too with his weak kitana lol. Digimon and krayzie are cool. Damn there's too many cool people here. Let's just say everyone is cool

    A f0xy grampa needs to be on a podcast now!
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  7. thequeenofsheba

    thequeenofsheba The Queen Of Sheba

    OMG!!! And how can I forget my buddy CURBOLICOUS Ahh so sorry. You are definitely one of the #1 coolest :)
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  8. Lumpymoomilk

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    lol wtf
  9. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    There seriously is waaaaayyyy too many cool dudes (and chicks) for me to name them individually even if I ONLY limited it to people I have actually met in person, the list would still exceed 100, im sure.....and I'd miss too many people on the list and would feel bad when I figured out who I missed.

    If you factor in all the other people I never met, but have strong relations with just through online, the list would likely exceed 300 or more and I simply can't do all that, but everyone around here and there knows who I like and dislike. Basically if I haven't let you know I dislike you, I think you're a cool person and trust me, if I don't like you, I WILL make it obvious lol, that's just how I am. Also it's tough to make a call like that simply because you end up hanging with more people than others....

    The fact that I always end up chillin w/ Phil/9.95, Simon/AC1984, Shock, Summoning, JamesMK, Check, Dark Rob, DanCock, REO, CD Bros. and the people who come to our area doesn't mean I think B-W1zZ, Tim Static, PootyMack, Ded, Hanzo, Farmer and guys I never met are any LESS cool for any reason (like I said the list goes on and on and on).....when the fact of the matter is that I like them all and we're all friends regardless if we met yet or not, cuz we're all gonna meet eventually and get thrashed together lol...but you DO have more time to get to know people that you spend more time hanging with, obviously.
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  10. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

    I knew it...
  11. Shady

    Shady Noob

    He's not the only one you forgot... Feelings are hurt. Words are said that cannot be taken back.... :(.... ASHLEY PLS!!!!!

    But no, seriously..

  12. miloPKL


  13. thequeenofsheba

    thequeenofsheba The Queen Of Sheba

    Shady plssss... you forgot me in your shoutouts. *tear* but seriously..
    you are one of my #1's. C'mon its even facebook official. lol :)
  14. Shady

    Shady Noob

    You're so cool you don't need a shout out. Actually giving you a shout out would diminish your coolness :p. @thequeenofsheba better be at Toryuken in a few weeks with Death too.
  15. Alice

    Alice Haaave you met Sektor?

    This thread is gay. And I hate you all.

    Nah...joking...but you are still gay.
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  16. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    Noooooooooo! Clint is my hero.

    Why is he in some film as some sort of deranged pedo???!
  17. Under_The_Mayo

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    It's of Revolver. I'm right here with you.
  18. AK TylerLantern

    AK TylerLantern POWER OF FEAR

    I doubt I would actually avoid anyone at a tournament, but I can understand where you are coming from. Everyone I have met at major tournaments and local tournaments have all been really cool and very accepting of tournament new comers. A lot of people troll and joke around, but all trolling and joking aside, this TYM community and the MK community as a whole has been nothing but nice, cool, and respectful upon me meeting the people I have met at tournaments, and of course every community has its black sheep, but for the most part, everyone is great. Honestly, some of the people who I thought would be a little stuck up, they turned out to be some of the coolest people of all.

    A list of coolest people would be too long, so I will just say this whole community is awesome for the most part. A huge shout out to my ATL buddies, L0rdoftheFLY , Pig Of The Hut, JIMMY_VONVITTI, BeerGuyEd, BEENEEWEENEES, RTO Toxic, ATL_BaTmAn, and the rest of the ATL guys, don't know all of your tags on here, but you know who you are. I am proud to be a part of this community!
  19. MKF30

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    It's funny how some folks are listing people they don't like in a "coolest guy" thread lol.

    CRKfiend is a cool guy, military guy, loves and is good in MK and is just a cool guy overall. Remember him dating back to Shinjinko days!
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  20. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    No one likes you. Go away.

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  21. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    Touche. Now shut up please. I know you're the king troll but really now, nobody cares what you think.

    Mr. Mileena seems like a cool guy and Nickdagreek, too many people to name so I'll just say most people(with a few exceptions)
  22. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
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    Seriously this guys is the coolest serial killer/crack head/mental patient/taste a bullet mother fucker I know.
  23. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
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    Online I avoid you because your weird. But at a tourny I would go out of my way to make friends. You seem like a real funny guy to hang and talk to.
  24. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
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    Shutouts to Tyler, pig, Beenee, Clint, red, toxic, walker, jimmy drop vitti(I kid), and the wonder twins.

    Oh and mr. Mil and maxter.
    And cat
    And joker
    Fuck! And everyone
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  25. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    Weird? Actually, I am since my friends tell me this(but not the same weird you're thinking ;) ) I'm actually pretty silly, nice in general but to be honest some folks on here bring out the worst in me. Example, I'm weird sometimes because I like weird things like putty and slingshots ;) and telekinesis lol.

    Also, I do believe in general not just me but people in general are often misunderstood on forums compared to face to face. You can kind of get a sense of that in some of my vids but even that's hard because I'm talking to a camera but pretend it's people since they'll watch you know?

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