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Breakthrough Congratulations to Revolver (Lex Luthor) for placing top 3 at the most stacked local since EVO

The PantyChrist

Rest in Pantiez
To be fair Jupiter did beat me this time. But the record's still 2-1 so he can hold that until he can do it again :)

Also, to sort of explain this, the reason why what Carl's saying doesn't work is this -

Lex can punish pillars from a good distance with corp charge. However, I'll usually trait dash instead of corp charge+trait in a lot of situations because you're getting better guessing games by keeping him standing. And when CC is done mid-near max range you lose a lot of the advantage that you would normally get to safely trait or do something else.

Vacuuming zoning makes no sense as a standard tactic. It's a full punish even from a distance if you're trading with orbs and you're even slightly off. It's extremely risky because you're also running the risk of mistaking him doing a mb3 for another motion, which he can dash cancel up and punish you for too.

But with the third thing I literally do that all the time. It's a big point in the guide I made, he should read it then I guess
Our evo champ. Derpect legend