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Breakthrough Congratulations to Revolver (Lex Luthor) for placing top 3 at the most stacked local since EVO

I still don't get why it would be. Like after playing you I didn't feel like I was at a disadvantage and would've felt really confident going into GF if it happened, I just had a lot of shit like accidental db1's happening and needed to make tiny adjustments so you couldn't jump or dash in at all.
Im sorry for derailing your porps thread Revolver... :(:(


Aye I didnt start it, I just replied accordingly to a bs statement is all, I do it all the time.But yeah I could've ignored it.
Yeah, I know. No ill will towards you or MidTierHarley. Just the same shit happens in almost any thread.


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That is true lol, we shall play at evo, have never played a top lex.
No you guys won't play at any game unless it's beerpong or rage cage.

I'm a champ at rage cage. And by that I mean I lose on purpose to drink more

@rev0lver get on my level scrub
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Good job turning this thread into bashing on people irrelevant to what's going on. There's PM function, you know? GTFO.

I must admit I've missed the show, but I'm glad to hear these news. I hope I'll find some time to watch vids this week. Nice to see Rev0lver and Lex where they are supposed to be.

*insert grrrr martian content here*


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@rev0lver you need to visit Pittsburgh again to get bodied. Need to give that head of yours an ass-whoopin' level up session to turn your 3rd place white tee into a 1st place red tee.